What's your plan for coming weekend? Mine was pretty busy and hope I have enough energy to survive the coming campaign from my company. Btw I finally visited the new Ikea just near my house, but I was there for lunch and not enough time really shop and take a photo too. Hope I can visit there again and take some fun outfit shots there.

Here's to another pink weekend outfit post! 

Seriously telling you that I'm not much a pink or pastel person lol. But I just got sway away by getting so many pink and light blue outfit this year, thanks to the color Pantone of the year 2016. Moving forward to 2017, it will be quite colorful but more to a mature color range. I'm really looking forward to play with new color outfit again!

Another pink set outfit, comes with pink outer cardigan and shorts. This pink outfit comes in really light pink shade which are more to grayish pink. Since I am the one who can't leave home without jacket or cardigan, when I see this set at the Meams I just decide to buy it!

Material is super light weight and comfy too. It was just perfect to wear for Malaysia weather and the length was just the suitable length for me. The shorts are in high waist too! I really like high waist pants, it just make my body proportion looks taller and slimmer. It's just that the shorts don't have pockets which are not really convenient for me.

Here's end my another Pink outfit post for this week! Stay tuned for more of my jeans outfit post next week, it will be quite interesting and fun outfit.

Outfit Details

Pink Outfit Set | MEAMS
Shirt | Taobao
Bag | Carlo Rino
White Sneakers



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  1. I noticed that you look really good in pastel colours babe. haha. i cant pull off pastel somehow T.T

  2. I love pink too but all my clothing are either black or white.. Trying to change into a more colorful wardrobe haha...

    1. I totally understand your feeling!! I use to have only dark color outfit in my wardrobe too =(

  3. The shorts are so wide, they look really baggy. However, the colour combination is great.

    1. Yes it looks baggy!! But luckily is a shorts XD