Feeling kinda demotivated in work recently, due to workload and changes in my working environment. I mean changes are always good, but I feel that I need time to breath through all the process and obstacles. Just hope for the best and will try my best out of it! I actually love to really go through my random thoughts whenever I start my weekend outfit post, hope that you guys don't mind it.

With my wedding coming in, I need to stay calm and be cool about it! Back to my weekend outfit topic, today outfit is mainly about army green which is currently in trend now in 2017. I manage to grab few of my favorite army green pieces, such as skirt and bomber jacket.

Love both of the photos! 

I bought this Army Green Bomber Jacket from Vogue Apparels @ Instagram. I spend some time to look for one nice and the one that I like! When I first saw this on their Instagram, I immediately fall in love with the design and the style of this army green bomber jacket. I deeply in love with the patches on the jacket and the orange lining inside too. It has all the details that I love in this one bomber jacket. One of the disadvantages where it was not waterproof like the satin or puffy bomber jacket.

The material wise was really thin and definitely suitable to wear in Malaysia weather!

Bag and Jacket which I had bought recently. 

Top and Bottom Details.

This is not a matching set outfit, I just randomly bought the skirt from one of the Facebook Online shops and the top was randomly shop and found it at H&M!! Total damage for the outfit is just less than RM80. I like that the skirt comes in pocket design which is definitely my favorite details. Matching this outfit with my favorite boots as usual.

The whole outfit looks after wearing the bomber jacket. Overall I'm loving the color combination of this outfit. Hope to try out more army green outfit in the future. 

Strike a pose with my favorite outfit of the month.

Outfit Details

Top | H&M RM20
Skirt | Girl Next Door (Facebook)
Jacket | VogueApparel (Instagram)
Bag | Taobao

Thanks for the lovely date out with My girls! Nicole Yie and Shin May from left to right.

Photo Credits to both of the lovelies


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  1. wowww.. this is one of my favourite color..

  2. Congratulations on your wedding! Great post! I like your insight! 🤗

  3. the jacket soooo cantik! Love your style dear :)

  4. I am impressed how the simple top and skirt could look so different when matched with the bomber jacket. Green is never my favourite colour but I wouldn't mind the jacket myself.

    1. Thanks Emily! I was pretty impressed with my own matching too!

  5. Army green seems to be the trending color lately and it suits you.

  6. That army jacket is a closet staple. Looks really good, comfy and stylish. Must fit perfectly for office, casual, and weekend styles. :)

  7. loving this place and this look! btw your friend's pink hair is sooooo good omg!

    1. Yes I know!! Remember check my hair coloring post about Jeff Lee ya.

  8. love your bomber jacket and army green is so in! :)

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