Hello back to my usual weekend post of the week! It's been a while since I update my weekend outfit. It was rather delayed and late update on my outfits and my hair progress too. Follow my page @snowman1314 and Instagram @snowman_1314 for more current updates!

Today updates was a vintage flowery dress I got from one of my favorite online shop, Aries.my. When I buy this dress I wanted to wear it to my Lombok trip but I didn't. Dress like this is the most convenient outfit I love to wear.

The dress comes in simple khaki flowery design. They are designed as front button design along to the bottom part. With an elastic band in the waistline, at least the look doesn't look sloppy dress design. It comes with the mermaid design on the bottom too. Which gives a really cute and feminine concept for this dress.

I decide to do my hair a small bun because my hair is super oily. It was a cheat way to make you look presentable by tying a head bun. 

I am quite happy with the head bun I tie. I always wanted to try it but always fail with my head bun, I kind of like the head bun look. The head bun will give the Korean presentable look but somehow also a cute hairstyle that everyone like.

Another outfit I get from Aries Wardrobe (Facebook), this is not the only outfit I get from them. You can read out the outfit here to see what other outfits I get from Aries Wardrobe.

Comfiness (Material)


Outfit Details

Dress | Aries Wardrobe (Facebook)

Till then.


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