Hola! Another Weekend Outfit post on a mid week! I literally can't wait for 12.12 over and start to clear my leave during the year end. Anything better than just rest and sleep at home? Today post will be a bit different because I'm blogging about BFF outfit I match with my blogger friend, Lee Shin May do check out her blog and facebook too!

So what do you guys think about matching outfit? What defines a matching outfit? Is it necessary to get all the same color? Same T-shirt or shoes? The answer would be NO! Just try be more creative as possible when you plan out a matching outfit with your loved ones or your friend.

The first outfit was rather simple and straight forward. We bought this tote bag together at Shoopen. I always wanted a Tote Bag and I can't really remember when was my last time bringing out tote bag. But nevertheless tote bag also serves it purpose that is easy and convenient to carry and this tote bag we bought from Shoopen is really in good quality too.

We bought different color but same design tote. I will have to start to collect my army green accessories now for 2017 Pantone Color. 

So is never necessary to have the same color item as a matching outfit but just go with the same design but with a different color item. This could be part of an outstanding area that even though is not the same color but the matching coordination is really nice!

Next, after we buy the tote bag, we decide on a color for our top and that is white. Basically, we just have the same color top and same design bag and others were all up to our choices.

Here's our outfit details.

On Me
White Tee
Army Green Pants
Tie Up Lace Flats
Gren Tote Bag

On Her
White Shirt
Black Rip Jeggings
Grey Tote Bag

Here are my personal outfit details. I am in love with stripes recently and this stripes dress has become my recent favorites! Loves it big and loose comfy design. The most important are it doesn't make me looks fat too!

Loving this corner as it brings out the cool tone and makes my red stripes dress stand out even more.

Continue on we are wearing a matching outfit in stripes!! Never really plan out this as she just bought her green stripes recently and mine also just arrived before hers. I was thinking to wear to another event but since she wanted to wear hers during our meet up. Hence we decide to wear stripes together too!

Why are you bullying me?

Even though we are not wearing same color outfit but we have the stripes element on our outfit. This could be another great matching outfit idea too. 

Just plan a same element clothes pattern, such as stripes, wording top, checkers or even tartan print too can be another awesome matching outfit!

Even wearing same accessories can be another fun way to plan a matching accessories outfit!

So yeah, planning a matching outfit can be fun in a various way depends on how you plan it out with your loved ones or friends! Hope that by this post I am able to share you some tips and idea on planning BFF outfit with your friends or even with family members too. 

On me
Red Stripes Dress
Bucket Bag

On her
Green Stripes Dress

Till then


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  1. Nice !! I like it so much ! Next time do this again ! XoXo

  2. So cute!! two of you! I like both the outfits idea, comfortable, sporty, remain young energetic and chic!

  3. Love the twinning outfits with your bff! Though the items are the same, you both wore it with individual styles