What I wear to YSL Beaute Launching Party, there are so many photos I would want to share with all of you in one post. But I think I will skip for that instead I will blog on the outfit I wear on that day. It was my favorite kind of an outfit, with a really plain white shirt and super high waist black pants. It has been a while since I bought a white shirt. Coincidently I found another shirt design which was totally me and I decided to buy. 

Can't really think of what to wear for this launching party though, and monochrome is always the perfect color choice!

Would like to thanks my dear, Adeline Lee which decided to bring me as plus one to this launching party! I was really excited to able to attend this launching party with her. 

We got each of us a lipstick from the party too! Which is totally out of our expectation, although we didn't get the round design lipstick we like. Instead, we get the old design and we get to engrave the letter we want during this launching party too.

We waited to for quite some time for our turn to engrave our lipstick. Fret not as YSL Beauty open in Pavilion, they have this engrave service for FOC and is was available for all the time.

DJ of the day.

Manage to photo with Jane Chuck and Ash.

A GIF that I do for the shots we take in the bathtub photo session at the party.

Some of the close shot of my makeup of the day. I try to put as much bling I can on my eyeshadow, which is slightly coral and brown in color. I did put some coral/peachy color to blend with the bling eyeshadow color. The two color blended really together!

Eyeshadow | ColourPop, and Clio
Lipstick | Colourpop

I just can't choose which is my favorite one, because all the photos and my pose is so on point haha! I really like my look and makeup on that day. My hair that day was in a good smooth mood too.

The high waist pants actually make me looks a lot slimmer and taller too. It was pretty tight which I can admit that I did grow vertically these few weeks. But luckily the pants still fit me throughout the launching party. I am in love with the pants though, super tall and does not makes me look fat too.

The top design in an uneven open slit, one with an open v slit and another was the one I tuck in to become a choker top. I really like how this shirt turns out to be, a really chic and design top that I like! The details of the sewing point and design give an extra bonus on it.

More of my chio pose with the chio outfit I had!

My makeup under the indoor white light.

End my post with another GIF of myself.

Outfit Details

Top + Pants | Aries Wardrobe (Facebook)


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  1. Very pretty <3.
    And it seems like a fun event :).


  2. aww dear you look so gorgeous in this blouse! what an amazing statement piece!
    and totally love how this event looked like. Bet you had a loot of fun!!


  3. WOW! Looks like u had lots of fun at the YSL Event! I love your monochrome outfit combo and that glittery eyeshadow looks pretty on u!

    xx Aldora

  4. You looked fabulous Sharon! Minimalist style suits you well :)

  5. How did you grow vertically, please teach me! ๐Ÿ˜‚ I like the outfit on you, but I think the white top is a tad big for your petite frame. Anyway loved seeing you having fun at the event!

  6. Oh, my gosh! I am so jealous! This looks like an incredible influencer event! You are looking so fantastic and love your makeup!
    xo Debbie | www.tothineownstylebetrue.com