Finally, one of our most interesting experiences in Bangkok is trying out Thai Traditional Clothings. It has been so famous that everyone visits Wat Arun while wearing Thai Traditional Clothing and taking photos around the temple. This place is so pretty with all the traditional Thai temples and the Temple Tower, making it the perfect location for tourists to come over for photos in Thai Traditional Clothing.

There are so many choices of stores available for you to rent a Thai Traditional outfit. We walked around the small store around Wat Arun and chose this store. The price of the rental of an outfit for two hours is around 200 Thai Baht across all the rental stores. They have all the accessories and colors of Thai Traditional Outfit.

Once the hair and outfit are taken care of, they will coordinate accessories such as necklaces, belts, and other items to complement the overall look. Additionally, you can even rent shoes or bags to complete the outfit. For instance, my friend wore a pair of sneakers that day but the store was able to provide her with a pair of short heels to wear instead.

My complete Thai Traditional Clothing in my favorite color purple.

We start our shooting near the entrance. They have a staircase to go up the temple.

I can't decide if I prefer a half-body shot or a full-body shot on this staircase. But it is a good chance to share with you guys the full Thai Traditional Clothing outfit that I picked out. I just can't resist myself to pick a purple color when I see this color. Definitely my favorite color for sure ๐Ÿ’œ

To be honest, I really love the way they style hair to be high and voluminous, which is something I've always wanted to try but never succeeded in doing myself. They achieved this look by using hair spray and hairpins. When you get your hair styled, they will also ask for your opinion on whether to tie it up or leave it down. I prefer to have my hairstyle down, so this is the end result of my hairdo.

More of my full body pose in the front side of the Wat Arun.

We didn't hire any photographer to help us take photos. But I bring along my tripod, and we just stationed it wherever we like. I like all the photos that we took with the tripod. My BFF chose this sweet pink Thai Traditional Clothing that looks very pretty and sweet on her.

Next, we went to a very steep staircase and took even more photos. Some so many people are here who also take photos around wearing Thai Traditional Clothing. This photo background has this water pipe from the top. After a few shots, we tried different angle photos to avoid the water pipe.

My fringe at that time was awkward length I couldn't decide if I wanted to grow or trim the fringe. Hence the length of the fringe looks awkward and I just keep it on a side during my trip to Bangkok. However, after that, I decided to trim my fringe and remain short fringe.

The time when we are here is around 5pm when the sun already setting. We also get to see the beautiful sun glow with our Thai Traditional Clothing. The angle we shot is where the sun glows softly on our faces, and we decided to take some nice BFF shots together.

My favorite shot ๐Ÿ˜

Sunset glow.

Thanks to my friend's portrait mode we can focus on the angle and frame we need. This valley is also where people keep waiting for their chance to take nice photos without any obstacles. We also stay here for most of the time trying to take nice photos without any people as the background.

The last batch of photos was taken in the same spot ๐Ÿ˜‚ I really like the sunset glow, which gives a more glowy feel to our look. My hair also looks almost fall apart but I tried to make it hold in the same spot.

Finally, we moved on to another spot where I wanted to take photos too. I have seen photos where the photographer took photos with the shawl and created the ultra-wide angle. We tried our best to re-create since we are not using any pro photographer tools. But I did really like the outcome of the photos! ๐Ÿ˜

I especially like the full-body shoot that I took here. Here's the perfect photo angle with some ultra-wide angle shots with the phone. I was really happy that we had a really fun time shooting with Thai Traditional Clothing and it was my first time trying the outfit. Although the material can be quite thick and hot, overall I really like the jewelry and details of the outfit that make the Thai Traditional Clothing super classy and elegant! ๐Ÿ’—

That's all for our little adventure of Thai Traditional Clothing shooting at Wat Arun! We really had a lot of fun trying out the clothing and shooting too. After 2 hours of shooting, we also went back to the store and returned the clothing. 

Wat Arun
Bangkok 10600, Thailand

Till Then.

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