Ohai time to update my weekend outfit post for the week. After a hectic week of rushing all the pending post, I am a free girl now! I will still continue to share my beauty insights and weekend outfit weekly to my readers too. 

If you have been reading the past weeks, I have changed some of my blogging layouts style in my post and my website. Hope you guys love this style of my blogging layout, thanks for the continuous support and love too!

Let's talk about the outfit of the day! I got this whole set outfit from TAOBAO again. Among the outfit that I bought along from my Taobao haul, this is the most expensive outfit. I never really bought an outfit that cost more than RM70 or RM80 in Taobao. But this entire outfit is by far the most expensive outfit I ever bought from Taobao and I will keep the price as a secret for now! hahaha

At first, my hubby was definitely not the fan of this outfit because he thinks that I already own this kind of outfit before. But in fact for girls, every outfit looks different! And yes after I wear this outfit with him and I ask him back, is this outfit looks the same like you've mentioned earlier? He totally forgets about that he dislikes this outfit earlier!

It was a new kinda outfit style for me because I rarely wear singlet top and shorts. But I like this outfit with the casual outerwear, that helps me to cover the awkwardness of armpit and Bo too. This is also among the top 1 best seller outfit too. So it was very hard for me to say NO to this outfit. 

I do struggle to decide to buy due to the price but nevertheless, this outfit has surprised me in a lot of aspects when I wear it.

Firstly, I fell in love with the color itself which is in nudes brown and nudes blush brown color was my recent favorite. 

Second, The overall design was really chic and casual. You can either wear it to the workplace or a casual date out with friends or your loved one.

Thirdly, It makes me looks extra slim, slim and slim!! It was really important that is why I must keep repeating this. When I saw the photos I was so happy because I see how this outfit has makes me looks extra slim. I never thought of this sleeveless spaghetti design makes me look slim, the cutting of the outfit has covered up all my fats such as my belly fats and ass too.

Fourthly, The quality and material were really comfy and smooth quality material. I am quite sensitive with sheer material that will itch my skin. 

My candid pose. #SOCHIOIKNOW

Although it was the most expensive clothes I ever buy from, I am totally not regretting at all! With it quality wise and flexibility wise, it definitely worth every penny!

Been wanted to feature this pair of vintage slip on I keep wearing it! This slip-on is so comfy and soft! I do not have any discomfort when I first wear this shoes. I wear it to work and walk around with this and did not suffer any bruises on my leg. Not only it was comfy and soft, I love this Gucci Inspired chain design on the shoes itself. Gives a little vintage and funky vibes.

My simple makeup of the day.

SO SLIM!! I am not dreaming right.....

Outfit Details

Nudes Brown Set | Taobao
Shoes | Nineteen89.co (Instagram and Facebook)


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  1. Oh darling I really love it your nude style!
    Great coordinate


  2. Oh, I love shades of nude too. This outfit looks so versatile and comfortable. Cheers!!

  3. Nice set OOTD, I think this set is really worth it because it made you look like a effortless chic!

  4. It look so comfy. Especially with that loafer.

  5. You definitely look great in these.. wish I had a gorgeous figure like yours to wear these too...

  6. Just like you, I feel awkward wearing sleeveless in public. Good thing this came with an outer coat.

  7. Love this outfit on you. I have heard about Taobao but have never shopped there before. Must give it a shot!

  8. You are rocking the look. This shade really suits you so much.

  9. That beautiful nudes from Taobao? I have always wondered whether Taobao have an English version or not. Been so jealous with you guys who can buy it from Taobao

  10. I always thought wearing nude makes one look fat. But then it turns out well on you. I am still afraid to give nude a go haha.

    1. ahhh some how what you say are right =) But I never thought this outfit makes me looks slim XD

  11. I like nude color too, its look more relax and natural.