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Pink Nudes Weekend Outfit #58

This week weekend outfit post is slightly a bit late.  I can't believe that I didn't on my laptop for the past two days. Been so busy going out and I finally buy a new handphone after using my note 3 for 5 years. Although the old phone still in good use,  but I always wanted to look for a phone that can achieve high-quality photos. Therefore I decide to buy a new handphone, I got myself an OPPO hp. Not to say it was a good phone.  But overall performance still up to my standard. 

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Recently I have been wearing a lot of 2 layer top. When I first see this top, I was afraid that it might be itchy sheer top. Because I use to have really sensitive and easy sweat body, wearing a good quality sheer is always my top priorities. Luckily this top was pretty comfy and no itchy at all. 

The top color was a really pretty nude brown top. Can't really describe the color of the top. It has the pretty wide sheer sleeve as well. 

I just match the top with my gray short pants. Can't really think of what to match actually. The color of the top and pants eventually looks pretty harmony too. 

Some of my favorite shots from the cafe. 

Overall vibes were all nudes and pink.  I really love this cafe and took a lot of great shots here. Plus there are not many people around as well. 

The sleeve looks really pretty too from this portrait. The inner top is near to nudes pinks and the outer was in nudes brown.  Never thought of this combination is so pretty. Overall was a casual nudes outfit too. 

Outfit Details

Top | Aries. Wardrobe
Pants | Reafash
Shoes | Nineteen89.Co


  1. nice outfit.. i love nude pink too.. in malay we call pink masam.. haha.. oh ya.. i think im falling in love with your hair.. i have a short hair too.. hehehe

  2. nudes and pink color are suitable for you, dear! look nice and sweet!

  3. I love your whole outfit dear! Pink suits your skintone and makes you look so blooming :)

  4. look more pretty oh. lovely outfit as always

  5. Hey babe I love your weekend outfit. So casual yet so chic!

  6. Always looking fabulous.. love the outfit.. consider getting the top for my girl too

  7. Great post, beautiful photos <3 you look amazing, you have a lovely face :) - i invite <3 follow me-will respond with

  8. The cafe is really ootd-worthy. I love the pink sleeves!

  9. Great ootd, it was simple yet catchy at the same time!

  10. The overall compilation looks lovely on you dear. Plus the pairing of the shoes makes it such a nice comfort outfit as well.

  11. I love the brownish-mustard tone of the top. The cafe looks like a fun place too. Cheers!!

  12. Love the way you styled the top two different ways! These are great colors on you. So pretty!
    - Kali

  13. This is such a cute outfit! Glad to hear your top is comfortable too! Lovely little cafe as well. And congrats on the new phone! That is so exciting. My phone is so old lol. I'll have to check out the one you bought! :)

  14. I love two layer tops as well but it is kinda difficult to look for them in boutiques. I hardly shop for clothes online as I always fail to find the right size.

  15. Wow you always look so cute with all your ootd. Love your top!

  16. That sheer bell sleeves top looks pretty on you Sharon! And layering your tops add a fun touch to your entire outfit too! Thanks for sharing :)

  17. love the top, it's so chic with the way it's being styled! Something i cant pull off lol


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