Hey, peeps here's to my first post of 2017! I save this number 40 posts of my weekend outfit for my first post of the year. As usual, I will blog about some recaps on 2016 and truly a blessed year of 2016. Today photo is taken by beloved BFF Shin May at The Good Co! 

We had the Mushroom Soup and the Chia Feed bowl which are all vegan and really healthy meal to start our day too!

Love this vibrant purple color chia seed bowl with Dragon Fruit and guess what the yellow texture is!! It was a combination of Dragon Fruits and Bananas. Surprisingly the texture of this chia seed bowl was really smooth and yummy too.

This picture will be my first page of my 2017 in my Instagram. Feel free to follow me on instagram.com/sharonxx28.

You guys must have noticed that I bleach and dye my hair color before Christmas. Definitely, a great challenge for me as I wanted to try bleaching before going to my next stage of life. Since my hair was short, I don't feel to much heart pain and the difficulties of taking care of my hair.

I know it might take months to grow back my black hair again, but to me I never regret of bleaching my hair. Going to blue is my first hair color option because I might challenge another color when the time is approaching. After that, I might go black to dark hair color again. Who knows right?

Today look was a blue set of OOTD that I bought from POET. It was a worth grab as I bought it when they are having Buy 2 Free 1 promotion. I manage to grab few outfit that I really like. Gonna share another piece in my next outfit post!

I love the outer line details of this whole outfit! Blue and white dotted details see from far but it was actually lines of blue and white. I pair it with my favorite crop top which are in blue and white stripes too.

The cutting of the vest is really classy and formal too. Its depends on how you match your inner top with the vest too. Shorts make this whole outfit less formal but also playful too.

Wearing my all time favorite black heels from Zalora.

I am not quite a Navy person if you notice my outfit, but somehow this piece catches my heart. The England style of the white buttons matches the outfit too!

Plus I always wanted to get a vest for myself. So my another vest that is not black or white but Navy Blue. haha! 

That's all for my first outfit post of the year! Hope to create more look with my new hair color too. Although I not sure how long the color will stay but is really fun to think of a way to style with this blue hair look. Somehow I get caught in trying onto more blue outfit to match with my hair too. 

Outfit Details

Blue Vest + Shorts Set | POET (Facebook)
Blue Top | Own Wardrobe
Heels | Zalora

Happy New Year 2017!

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  1. I wish one day i can dye my hair in such bright colour ~ hehe

  2. I stared so long at the purple chia seed bowl! I need to try it! Where is this babe? BTW love your OOTD!

  3. I like your attire and your pose.. U looks so sweet and lovely!~

  4. I love the details of your jacket/vest. Although it comes with a shorts set, it could also be worn separately. I think that would look even better.

    1. Yea I will try to wear it in different ways too =D

  5. Crazy fun hair and the outfit is classy too. I like the buttons and the cut - simple and classy

  6. LOVE your outfit Sharon! You always shares us yoour fun #SharonOOTD and amazing places! Kudos :)

  7. love your style and your hair look funky... nice... suit you

  8. Ohhh dear...you look so cool with your blue blue hair colour ;) so suit you :) very nice outfit on you, love your 1st OOTD photo right after all food photos shared above. Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  9. I love the blue hair on you Sharon!!! The vest and shorts set is really pretty and classy and the white stitching makes the whole look stand out!

  10. lovely new hair! Look stylish and hipster

  11. I like the overall casual and comfy look with that stylish vest.

  12. definitely will visit The Good Co, their food looks too good not to be missed! love the colour of the bowl!!!

  13. this mix and match so cool!
    i love the vest most!