I finally blog about this outfit that I have been wearing months ago!! I bought this top during my Bangkok trip and I really love it. I think that's a period where the rainbow outfit is on trend. This top is super bright and stands out when you wear it. And Yeap! I hope I get your attention to read my blog post here.

The hardest part is getting one pair of a bottom that suits the rainbow top. This outfit super stands out and bright which it got me some time to look for a nice bottom to match it. I wouldn't say this bottom is the best combination. It just that I wanted some nude pants which can be casual and formal for any occasion. 

Since I am just 156cm, this pants is definitely longer than I thought. I think it will just drag on the floor if I did not wear any platform heels or shoes. But I like the sleek design of the pants which is totally my faves!! This rainbow top is pretty oversize for me, I tuck in quite a lot into my pants. I'm glad that the pants are not too tight for my liking too.

The color is quite soft and neutral which is the ton that I want. The most importantly the quality of this pants is so nice! It is not just any see-through or cheap material, but I love how boxy this pants style in and the straight sleek design just elongate my legs.

Close up with a lot of accessories on me! Vintage yellow sunglasses, marble ear studs, daisy chokers, and Daiso white watch. Look through these whole series of photos, just realize that it's been a while since I wore so many accessories on myself.

Since my top is super colorful, my accessories are all about more neutral and nude tone. I love how everything matches and goes so well with this outfit.

As in I am not rainbow enough, I bring my another rainbow sling bag out too. Don't forget to add some colors to your life. I don't hate challenges and obstacles in life, but regardless of things happen and how everything changes I will still be strong and overcome it!!

Outfit Details

Top | Bangkok
Bag | Bangkok
Pants | Taobao

Till Then.


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