It's been a while since I blog about my weekend outfit in my blog. For today outfit post, it was a plaids suit outfit that I match a separate outer and skirt to one set outfit. It wasn't needed a lot of effort to create this look. Even though I bought the outer and skirt separately, luckily the pattern of both the outfit looks quite similar and it looks pretty coordinate together too when I wear it together.

All these shots I take at Lot 10, where it showcases some photo and promote Lot 10. I fee honor to have Lot 10 using one of my photo that I took at Lot 10 to have showcase as well. Therefore I am here today to check out my photo and take photos.

The entire room is in blue-grey shades, therefore the tone of all the images are more to cool tones. Since my plaid suit is in brown greyish tone, it actually blends it to the backgrounds. Today outfit tone is more neutral shades, grey, brown and khaki shades.

Been loving my round bag from Christy Ng. Btw I'm getting another new bag from Taobao because I'm pretty bored with this bag haha. Hopefully, I can style more different look with a different bag.

The outer and skirt I get are quite similar in pattern, from afar it doesn't look much different at all. It doesn't need a lot of effort to match this outfit together at all. 

The skirt comes in inner pants design which I find it super convenient and comfortable to move around. The outer is also one of my favorite outer, I like all kinds of blazer which able to give the sleek and nice look.

For my accessories, since my outfit is greyish brown, I wear bright khaki artist hat and student round glasses.

Here's my photo on the wall of fame.

Wearing the glasses make me look like a student that day. I still like how I style this look with the glasses and the cap too.

Some of the chio squat look!

One last details that I like is this pearl milk tea earrings!! I really love all this fun and cute earrings from Taobao. I will wear more other fun and cute one more often too.

That's all for my weekend outfit details! Here's another close up of my makeup and accessories!

Outfit Details

Outer | Taobao
Top | Taobao
Skirt | Taobao
Boots | Taobao
Earrings | Taobao
Bag | Christy Ng

Till Then.


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