Finally here to post about my Singapore trip with babe Carinn! It's been like almost a month ago since w go there. This will be a very long post with all of our photos and photos I took during my trip to Singapore. I guess I consider lucky where the day we went around there's no rain and the rest of days just keep raining non-stop. I am happy also to be able to go to Singapore for a work trip!! Let's move on to our trip.

We just decided to go for a one day trip around Marina Bay and visit Christmas Light at Orchard Road. I go to Klook web and bought one ticket to visit the Flower Dome, Cloud Forest and also the Skyway at Singapore Gardens by the Bay. All three park cost RM90++ from Klook. If you would just want to visit Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, and Gardens by the bay you can opt for RM67 ticket as well. While we are here already might as well we go for the RM90+ ticket entrance and visit all the places.

Never been so close to Marina Bay! It was quite a nice view from Gardens by the Bay to actually able to see Marina Bay from a distance.

I am happy that we are able to visit here while there's blue sky for us! 

Flower Done this year they have Disney Tsum Tsum join us for this whole December. The decorations all are super cute and we took a lot of photos together here too.

Even the Christmas Present Paper is printed with Disney Tsum Tsum!

Love this photo with the Ferris Wheel as my background.

Disney Tsum Tsum everywhere!!

So our theme for this visit is the floral dress theme! It is really matchy theme with all the places that we visited.

Disney Tsum Tsum train arrived.

Say hello to my purple hair!

Winnie the Pooh in the house.

Also, don't forget to take a photo when you first come into Flower Dome. We make it the last things to do because of the crowds when we first came in.

When we first went in the cloud forest, I am so astonished by the view of the fake waterfall. It looks so nice and in awe from near. Highly Recommend for you guys to drop by!! With the crowds there, we quickly shoot a few shots in front of the waterfall.

We both look short here. Because we ask two tall angmohs help us take hahaha!

I really enjoy the cooling breeze inside Cloud Forest. There are so many nice and unique plants to see inside too. There is also a bridge for us to go up and walk to see from a high area. 

Love this one too with the greenery background and my yellow flowery dress contrast with the greenery background a lot!!

Some of the selfies we took when we are on the bridge side.

Evening time of Gardens by the Bay.

Some of our tourist photos that are taken by other people take. Surprisingly all of the photos turn out so nice and I still haven't share it on my social media!! 

Next up, we visit the Skyway at the outside of the Gardens by the Bay. Both of us are super exhausted due to we need to walk a lot inside Gardens by the Bay. Finally, we are here visiting the Skyway. I didn't think too much about the exact height of the skyway. So when we are here I was like thinking what did I buy a ticket to because I am afraid of height. But in the end, I still ended going up with Carinn by holding her closely LOL.

I totally have no regret when I am up here! The view here is amazing and I am super happy that we are able to enjoy nice weather here at Gardens by the Bay. Although I am super nervous and scared when I am up here, but ended up the photos that we took here is so pretty! Thanks, Carinn who has patience with me and guide me through the Skyway Bridges. When we are on the Skyway, the top always has the better view compare when you are on the ground.

A full view with Marina Bay Hotel.

We got our tourist's photo done too on the Skyway!

We also drop by Orchard Road and take photos with all the Disney Mickey and Minnie Character. We gave up half way because it was quite late and we are both super exhausted too!

Posted some of Nightlight photo take when we visit orchard road. Not many photos we took here because we are so exhausted and super tired after whole day of walking here and there. 

End my post with our mirror selfie while we are super exhausted and sweaty look after walking around Gardens by the Bay. I really enjoy this one day trip around Gardens by the Bay. Because this entire place is so insta-worthy!! Just that we are super tired to stay until night to enjoy the night light at Gardens by the Bay. I guess I have more reason to visit here again too! The Gardens by the Bay entrance is Free of Charge if you want to visit Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, and the Skyway then you need to buy an entrance ticket to go in. Thanks, Carinn for dropping by and accompany me throughout the day in Singapore. Can't wait for more adventure together in the future!!

Gardens by the Bay

18 Marina Gardens Dr, 
Singapore 018953
Opening Hours - 5am to 2am
+65 6420 6848


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