Another BFF outfit series feat my #Swaggers, Nicole and Shin May!! Finally got time to share some of the chio photos we took when we visit to Selfie Museum. We manage to visit there when it is temporary close. We took a lot of photos and having a lot of fun here too. 

Since I'm running late, I start from room 3 but this room is super color and cute.  This is the deserts room is full of candies decor, Baskin Robbin ice cream.

Love this shot here!

Big Baskin Robin ice cream in the middle room. 

4 shots of me! 

No reasons but love the editing and entire feel of these two photos. 

Shin May long leg shot,  like Korea mei mei. 

In this rainbow room,  you can take photos with the colorful mermaid and this super fluffy fat unicorn with yolo dessert. 

In the yellow pool with yellow me. 

For the next room, there is so many bubble tea for me to take photos. Even with the big llao llao,  I also take a lot of photos. Can I just bring back the whole big boba back home!? 

Omg omg these two photos Chio dao!!  Thanks to my photographer for taking this shot. 

Our most favorite room among all the other rooms. We took a lot of nice LED light shots. 

I find that I really like this corner a lot.  This LED light is really pretty and you can take lots of chio and pretty photos here. 

I add on a blazer and this sunglasses that is my current favorite at all time. Totally give out different vibes from my previous tee look!  

Although a blazer might be quite formal when I wear it since is oversize it actually becomes more casual and fun look. I'm really loving this blazer that I got from Taobao. Is super cheap and quality are top notch! 

End my whole look with this series of photos taken in the LED room. 

Also, love this selfie photos we took while Nicole is busy posing and taking photos! She always the poser while we keep making fun.

This room is really special too where you can doodle on the phone and it will showcase on screen. Is a bit hard to take a proper photo but here's our version.

Omg hahaha, we really having fun floating on the hot air balloon.

Surprisingly our yellow theme outfit is so pop out with all of the photos we have taken at selfie museum. I'm glad the color coordinate turns out so fun and match! 

Boba! !!

End this post with our chio photo in this LED light room. So donuts or us!?

Outfit details 

Top | Bangkok Daigou
Blazer | Taobao
Shorts | Brands Outlet
Sneakers | Taobao
Sunglasses | Taobao
Heart earrings | Taobao

Thanks, Shin May helping me take so many leng photos and Nicole's BF for our BFF shots together!

Till then. 


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