Back to my weekend outfit routine, it been a while since I blog about my outfit too. A quick update of my life, still busy as usual and has been growing fat due to stress and work trip. Hopefully, I can be more determined to exercise more before my Vietnam trip! Now that shopping in Taobao, I will tend to look for dress or bottoms that can cover my fats. 

Back to this dress that I bought from Taobao which is totally my style. The off shoulder part where it is in a ruffle and cover my flabby arms. The bottom design that is super flowy and material is made with comfortable chiffon material.

Never thought that this place is so pretty! Find the pathway like this, where it has this curve and from far when you take a photo you will find the photo looks very nice with more angle taken from the background. 

With my super attractive brick red dress, it stood out among the greens. It's not easy to always able to find some nice place to take a photo sometimes. There's isn't much nice public place for us to take photo around KL or PJ area. If you have any recommend places, please drop a comment and let me know!

For my accessories to match this outfit, will be my all-time favorite #Hermazing round bag that I have been styling it with most of the outfit I wear. The color is so neutral where it basically match with any outfit I wear. Wearing vintage mid heels shoes to complete the look. On my hair are those pearl hair clips which has been such a trend lately.

End my post with this hilarious photo of mine, just to remind you guys that there's always some ugly and funny photos behind those that are pretty and decent to post. I enjoy both side of me where I learn how to accept the not complete and the not pretty side of me. Learn to be an acceptance but also thrive for more achievement in life too!

Outfit Details

Dress | Taobao
Bag | Christy Ng
Shoes | Taobao
HairClips | Taobao

Till Then.

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