Woah My first time writing about my resolution feat the OOTDs photo that I take at JB at SYST 深夜食堂. Since the place here is much more vintage and hipster vibes, I find it is suitable for me to further think and write about my 2019 resolution with the photos I took here. Quite a personal post after for so long, let's just continue to read on. 

2018 has been treating me well. There are so many things that has happened for the past year.  I am not good at remembering things that's why I like to take photos and save it to my laptop. By scrolling back the photos, I can remember those happy moments that have to happen to me. For those unhappy and sad moments, I will just let go and forget about it. Tough and busy time will make me feel stronger too. 

Family Times

But in 2018 is the year for friends and my husband, I have spent more times with my close friends and my husband. For this 2019, I wish to spare more times with my mother and brother. We can plan travel trips together and have a meal once or twice every month too. A family is precious to me, once they are not around and you are not gonna able turn back to time for them. I do wish my mother can find someone that is good for her and love her too. So that I don't need to worry about her all the time.

As for my own family, together with my husband, we are still lovey-dovey together. At the moment, we are still living to the fullest with each other. Not in the rush to have any baby in our family. But for this 2019, I hope that we can save money and bought our own house together. That's why I need to cut my shopping desire, less shopping and save more money!! 

Body Health

I have been eating as usual for 2018. I wouldn't say I am eating healthier though, food for me is things I would appreciate and enjoy. Thankful that my body does not have any major issues from the Full Body Checkup. I do hope that I can work out more in 2019, reduce few kgs of body weight too. I will try to opt for more vegetables in my meal to improve my digestion. I need start to eat more fruits too, I do agree that I am not a fruit person but moving forward I will always remind myself to consume more fruits.

Work Life

I can't believe that I have made such a big decision in my work life. I am happy and grateful for the current situation now. There's a time that I feel like giving up and stressful about these new changes. But I am also grateful that with these changes, it actually made me become stronger and tougher. I am thankful for everything that God has planned for me when tough times I will pray and peaceful submit things to him. I believe that I will turn out stronger and thanks for the opportunity that has been an open door for me! 


Since I started as Snowman Sharing, my blog stats have been a mess since. Due to the new domain name, I have to start over my blog again as a new platform. I can't believe is almost a year already, and every year I have been so passionate about managing my blog and social media platform. I guess the most importantly in managing is the persistence and how discipline is you. I wouldn't say that I am good at time management, but I don't easily give up in doing the things that I feel that is right or things that I like to do. I do have times that are super lazy and watching dramas, videos whole day too. But I always come back to blogging, I guess I will always like this platform because where I can share my photos and my feeling in here. 

With work become much heavier for me, my time for social media has been reduced too. But I will not give up these platforms where I have been working hard to maintain as well. So 2019 please be good to me!

Lastly, I guess basically my resolution is the same throughout the years. But in 2019 things that I wish to work hard for is less shopping and spend more time with my mum. Also, to earn more money and work hard for a better future with my family! Most importantly is to stay healthy and sleep early too. I guess without a healthy body you can't achieve either of your resolutions. Hope you like this short personal post with my OOTDs photo.

I enjoy myself throughout the JB trip in the last week of December. I guess is time for me to relax and chill myself due to work and life stress. After a long holiday, is time to recharge and work hard for another great year of 2019!!

Outfit Details

Romper | H&M
Heels | Charles & Keith

57-87, Jalan Bentara 20, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, 81300 Skudai, Johor

Till Then.

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