I've been dragging this post for the longest time ever! Hahaha, Since my weekend post about the Astaka Morocco, I been wanted to blog about another outfit I shoot at Cyberjaya too. Yes, we literally spend the entire day there shooting and hang out. This Tamarind Square is such a nice place to shoot. Too bad there's drizzling rain when we are there and we didn't shoot at their center outdoor forest area. Most of my photo will be more indoor and play with some of the corners at Tamarind Square.

I tie my hair like this at first but in the end, I feel it made my face rounder which I totally hate it. 

Back to my normal hairstyle. 

Didn't take a lot of photos with the glasses. But the glasses look so CHIO hahaha. I like!

This stairs corner is really nice to pose and snap photo also. The cargo pants I get is slightly not the correct cutting for me. I guess it was meant for taller people to wear it for a nicer fit. It was super high waisted for me and the crotch of the pants is super loose for me. But the waist already pretty tight for me.

It is drizzling that time I was like go up quickly teach my hubby how to shoot. In the end, I cropped a bit of this photo to get a better composition.

Even the escalator I also can act CHIO wahahaha. Matching this pants with a crop top to make the fitting and elongate my entire look. Plus my boots only come in minimal height only!

In Tamarind Square, there are so many nice corners for you to play with. I am really having fun exploring new corners and new places for my #SharonOOTD.  Here you can get a beautiful brick holes shadow on yourself.

We just pass by this cafe and saw this really pretty LED in front of the shop. Took a few shots here and the shots are amazing!!

Even though it is a backlight effect, but the orange light emphasizes my face even more. It gives the really like glow and high fashion feel though! 

Even though the cutting of the pants is really awkward but I'm glad that my outer save this entire look. It creates more swag and style to the entire outfit.

This I admit I edit a lot because it is a backlight photo and obviously camera is so bad at capturing the correct lightning. Luckily the edit didn't make the composition of the color become worst!

Last one when we saw this beautiful and colorful background at one of the cafes here. I still need to explore Tamarind Square even more I swear! The center outdoor place I still haven't go explore yet due to raining the day I went. Anyone wanna book and jio me to Tamarind Square again?

Outfit Details

Top | Taobao
Bottom | Taobao
Boots | Taobao

Till Then.


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