It's been a while since I share my weekend outfit here on my blog!! This time around I will be sharing this monochrome stripes outfit with my babe, Carinn. We went to the Robinson Store opening the last few weeks and we manage to plan out our outfit on that night too. Not forget that we took a lot of outfit photos together that I want to share it here in my post.

Start with my outfit here with my hair after curl with Dyson AirWrap. I super love my hair that night after doing the curl. My hair that night is super oily and luckily after the curl session, my hair seems more alive and volume as well.

We just planned our theme as stripes outfit! The easiest to match is black and white color stripes, I didn't buy any new outfit. I just grab my stripes culottes that I already have and wear with my pajama white shirt as well.

With Carinn look is her jumpsuit which already comes in black and white stripes design. I really like how convenient one-piece outfit is. Which you just grab and wear it without any issues of thinking what to match with a bottom or a top.

Do you know in Robinsons KL, they have this super huge rectangle mirror for you to take photos like this in each different corner! It was so fun to actually take a photo like this where you can adjust your own angle for a nicer shot.

Which one do you guys like the most?? I really can't decide whether the one we both stand or the one I sit on the sofa so I just put all the photos up here. All the photos taken by Eros is super nice!!

Ended our couple photos by our few candid shots too. 

I am glad that my pants and Carinn romper style look quite similar to the wide bottom design which is super comfortable to wear and move around. For our accessories on that night, Carinn wore a pair of gold plate earrings and one black belt to create the waistline. I didn't wear any exaggerate accessories on that day, just a string choker which I had not been wearing it for ages. I'm even loving my heels that night too, the transparent T-Design heels that I freaking like!

End my post with this portrait photo taken by Carinn! I got so many more photos to share but I could only share a few that are my favorite incase you will feel this post will be super lengthy. Probably I will have another outfit post together with Carinn. We took a lot of photos for our day 2 adventure also. Please stay tuned!!

Outfit Details on me

Top | Taobao
Pants | Twmall
Heels | Happy2u

Till Then.


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