Yay finally gonna blog about my most anticipating post!! So me and Nicole we plan for a boba milk tea date together. Not sure about others but both of us are a fan for boba and everything with boba just be extra yummy and delicious. 

In this post, not only that I will write about our bubble milk tea date. But also this outfit I wear throughout the day too!!

Our first stop is at TinyBaker in PINK located at Kot Damansara. I heard so many good reviews about their Earl grey milk tea cake and finally is time to visit the cafe and try it. It is recommended that you made a reservation before you visited them. 


I love the texture of the cake which is super bouncy and soft. With a slight light earl grey tea taste which is not too strong. However, when you eat with the cream and milk tea, the taste become wholesome and taste really nice! The cream and the milk tea is not too sweet but is taste good when you eat it together.

Let me spam with all the photos we took here. When I scroll through the photos, I really like all the photos and can't decide which photos to upload. Thanks, Nicole babe for helping me to take all those leng photos. Let the photos speak for me.

This whole set of my outfit is from the Nineteen89 online shop. It's been a while since I shop at there shop. This Poppy set dress is super pretty. I rarely wearing such ladylike outfit for a while now.

But this poppy dress is so comfy to wear!!

Loving my hair color from Hair Color Expert, remember to check out my review here.

So for our last destination, we are here at Chubbee Cloud. We want to try out their boba toast with milk tea. But they are sold out and only have with brown sugar. 

The toast is crispy outside and inside is full of boba. It can be quite filling when you have eaten the toast. It was also pretty sweet together with brown sugar and boba altogether. 

Love this corner at Chubbee Cloud, it has pretty LED light on the wall and has a really cute backdrop to take your OOTD here. The con of this dress is, it is slightly shorter for me to wear. Since it has the opening on the middle, it is hard to sit down properly. 

Sit inside the bathtub to die die take a photo with the teddy plushie. Is a pink teddy and it is so cute!!

Another nice corner for the perfect OOTD shot!

Outfit Details

Poppy Dress | @nineteen89.co (Instagram)

Definitely, have a fun date out with Nicole babe throughout the day!! I miss our dating time again and We shall conquer Boba Pizza next time. Today two boba desserts are definitely super full for us. But we must try out one pizza fill with boba~~~~

Till Then.


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