Congrats on Hair Color Expert for their 3rd branch opening at Plaza Berjaya. I am really happy and excited that I can visit their salon that is so near to me! Plaza Berjaya located at the exact opposite of Berjaya Times Saure. If you are taking the monorail, you can just go down from the opposite side. Or you can park your car at Berjaya Times Square and walk over too, super convenient.

When you first went in, you will be welcome by their front desk.

Before you started, You will have a 5-10 minutes consultation about the hair color that you would like to do at Hair Color Expert. I like how they are super friendly and explaining about their hair coloring service they provided too.


I also like how they set up their resting area with a small pantry area where customers are free to do some drinks from their pantry area. This corner also for customers to chill while waiting for the color penetrates into the hair. 

For your belongings, you can secure it by using their lockers to keep it. I really like how they have these lockers prepare for customers. Where customers can just relax, dye and enjoy their hair coloring at Hair Color Expert!

Quickly start through my hair coloring with Hair Color Expert. Since my hair has been partly bleach before, for this time I go for color retouching.

Enjoying some me moment outside the chilling corner while waiting my times up for my new hair color! Can you guess what color I choose?

Guess what's next?

Especially when my hair has been bleach and color for few times, it is a must for treatment that helps strengthen your hair and lock hair nutrients too. Try out their cheap and affordable NANO Treatment that only cost RM55!!

Blowing Hair Station.

Hair Washing station.

Overall I really enjoy myself at Hair Color Expert! They have a really cozy and comfortable environment for your hairdo process, professional consultant before your hairdo, healthy hair color and treatment for your hair. Isn't it so easy to become pretty!!


Cannot believe that my hair color had become like this for almost half a year that I become so lazy to take care.


Gosh, look at how healthier my hair looks after my new hair color and Nano treatment from Hair Color Expert! I love how my hair looks super healthy and I can't to see how's my hair color will slowly fade off to what color.

My hair color under outdoor lightning, I love how the purple color so vibrant and pretty!! Can I just say that I wish my hair color is always purple all day long?!

With more than over 80 colors for you to choose, you can choose whatever color that you want. Their hair dye ingredients are organic and do not stimulate hair root! Also if you are those who can't stand hair chemical smell, here's a perfect place for you to dye your hair to especially for this festive season! Just because their hair dye contains low ammonia which does not come in heavy chemical smell for customers too.

With price starts from RM48.90 for short hair, RM68.90 for medium hair and RM88.90 for long hair! With only less than RM100 you can easily enjoy new hair color every few months, and especially where Christmas is coming and Chinese New Year too.

*Extra Charges for Bleach or Two hair dye colors*

Hair Color Expert already open their date for Chinese New Year booking too. In case you do not want to miss out your preferable date for a CNY new hairdo, you may download their APP and start to do your booking now.

Download their APP via here Android or search Hair Color Expert from your play store. Watch and Learn how to do your hair booking via the video above.

If you ask me whether will I visit Hair Color Expert again? My answer will be YES!!

Hair Color Expert

CLICK!! Sri Petaling HQ Branch
Call: 03 95442089
WhatsApp:  011 3674 6338 
Address: No 13, Jalan Radin Bagus, Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur.

Call: 03 77316978
WhatsApp: 014 312 2308
Address: 44A Jalan SS21/35, Damansara Utama 47400 Petaling Jaya.

Call: 03-2770 8011
Address: Lot G027G, Ground Floor, Podium Block, Plaza Berjaya, 12, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

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