Happy Chinese New Year ๐ŸŽ‰ This year CNY definitely will be very different from previous years. We are unable to travel interstate but I'm lucky to have my both families staying near to me. Hence. this year we still able to have a small gathering at home for a reunion. Although we couldn't head out for this festive, buying new clothes for CNY is like a tradition for me and I would definitely shop for some new outfits for myself too!

My first CNY outfit is this Cheongsam x Batik matching. It's a combination that I never tried before as batik is the Malay traditional print and Cheongsam is a Chinese traditional outfit. I do hunt for some nice batik Cheongsam fit but some they close order quite early and I have to hunt for another option.

When I browse through Instagram and I found this shop that selling handmade batik bottom and accessories. The price is super affordable too which inspired me to create this look. The cheongsam trend has been changing a lot too, where people no longer wearing traditional or red design. We opt for a more young and modern style. Cheongsam top has been in trend too!! The red color is the color of festive, at Patten.shop you can choose any batik print u want and of course, I choose red type print for CNY and short length skirt.

When my husband posted stories of this table of food, a lot of our friends thought that the table of food is real. I love how they have this table setup and imagine we can't have a big reunion dinner with family, but we can take photos here at Pavilion hah!

And omg I'm in love with this skirt when I first receive it!! The print is not too overpowering but still, it gives a hint of CNY vibes with its red batik print. The front part is like a layered skirt, and it is in waistband design which fits up to L size. One of the cons that I don't really like is the skirt design it is quite a wideout when I wear it, especially on the butt area. Because that the part that is my vulnerable part hence I don't really like the cutting of the skirts for my kind of body type.

My top I did not go for very complicated print since I decide to have the entire highlight on the skirt. I just simply browse through Taobao and bought this white cheongsam top. The cutting is a slight crop and tight. But overall still a simple and pretty top to wear.

I have been into batik lately, I do also support another boutique for the headband and earrings accessories. Although I keep wanting to add more batik earrings to my collection, I already bought two pairs of earrings from @ohdayang already.

Full body shot with Pavilion decor!!

For accessories, I try to keep it in nudes and khakis and to have the batik print to stand out for this outfit. I'm wearing my favorite nudes pointy heels and new shoulder bags. I'm wearing this face mask for my entire shoot, and it is also in nudes XD

Hope you guys like this outfit I have for this CNY! Wishing everyone the best and Happy Holidays. 

Outfit Details
Top | Taobao
Skirt | @Patten.shop
Head accessories + Earrings | @ohdayang
Bag | Taobao
Heels | Taobao

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