Ohai! As usual, will updates my Chinese New Year outfit every year. I took quite a lot of photos for all my CNY outfit and have to separate to two posts. This time only one outfit is taken by my boyfriend the other outfit is by my mom and my cousin sister.

Compare to last year I didn't wear much red piece during this Chinese New Year. I wear lots of pants outfit too. Only the Cheong Sam 2 piece set comes in skort design, not a skirt design.

I gain some weight and bought this Cheong Sam two piece set in M size. They come in various colors including red. But I didn't choose red color instead I choose this bright dark pink set. Love this color as it makes my skin looks much fairer too!

Pose in Gongxi Gongxi pose to wish Good Prosperity to all my fellow friends and readers!

I bring one my favorite black heels to match with my outfit. Since my outfit is in bright and striking color so my whole accessories match comes in black color. 

Another bonus is their bottom is in skort design!! I love skort pieces because of the safety pants design under a skirt. It was so much convenient and I can feel much comfortable whenever I go. What're the advantages of 2 piece? You can wear it separately!! Yes, this is what comes to my mind whenever I saw 2 pieces outfit. 

Wear a pair of jeans matches with the Mandarin Collar top to achieve casual CNY Look. Since the skort is in plain color design, any top will be a perfect match for it! I can imagine myself how I wear this 2 piece in different outfit already.

Why I love about this piece is the embroidery on the top! Can't really capture it the photo, but the peony embroidery comes in 3D design which you can touch and feel it too. They come in cute mandarin color and sheer design over the shoulder area.

I re-touch my hair color before Chinese New Year. My whole hair color now is dark blue. Somehow I like it since the color now is neater and pretty too. From afar you can see the color in purple blue color. The blue color is more outstanding under sunlight and darker color under indoor light.

Outfit Details

2 Piece CheongSam Set | Ample Couture

The second Outfit I wear during Day 3 of CNY is more to Vintage Nude Brown Look. My mom even compliments my whole look because of she like vintage fashion piece too. This series of OOTD is shot by my mum. 

The color combination of this outfit is pretty simple, burgundy brown, maroon brown and more brown. These are all brown nudes color which looks so good when they wear it out together. Although there are many different shades of nudes brown together, but a simple pair of blue jeans can balance out the color combination together. 

I match the top with my favorite 70s trumpet jeans to complete this look. I really love this pair of jeans because is comes in trumpet jeans design with a slit open from the bottom to the 1 quarter length of the jeans. Somehow create this illusion of slimmer leg when you wear heels.

Another highlight here is my belt but too bad I didn't shot a close shot of my belt. It was a vintage basic metal ring black belt, that I got it from Taobao. I have been considered to get this black for the longest period and finally decide to get it. Love how it looks from far and will definitely wear it on more of my jeans outfit.

My Alice in Wonderland small square bag!! The patches are on hand sew which I can say it was very delicate details and design. This bag comes in 2 color blocks, which is beige in front and dark maroon on the bag same goes to the strap of it.

First time wear this wedge, and it matches with my outfit so well. Actually, khakis shoes can match with all kind of color outfit, it just that I don't always think of this color first when I think about the heels that I going to wear. Love it open toe design and in wedges too!

My top was really loose!! Luckily I bring my tube bra top with me, where I can cover up the deep V-neck of this top. Don't get me wrong, I love wearing loose shirt top so as this top too! Just that the deep V design was really low! It is better to wear something safer to cover your breast area. The sleeve comes in open slit design same as my jeans too, that's is why I decided to match it both together. 

Sama-Sama open slit.

Outfit Details

Top | Joyce Shop (Twmall)
Jeans | URES (Twmall)
Bag | Pantone.Co (Instagram)
Heels | URES (Twmall)
Watch | Daiso
Choker | Taobao
Belt | Taobao

That's all for my CNY Part 1 outfit, stay tuned for the second part where more pants outfit in this CNY Edition Outfit Post!


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  1. The Alice in Wonderland bag really got my attention. I think it's a great stand out in a crowd of many!

  2. Love the 2 piece Cheongsum and the Khakis Wedges! Great matching.

  3. you always look so fabulous in all your outfits... I really admire you

  4. Happy new year Sharon. The outfit looks colourful and vibrant. Very fitting for the new year.

  5. Fall in love with your cheong sam. I love how your make up is not heavy and it blends well with the heavy color.

  6. I like the Chinese style top matched with a skort. This is an uncommon two piece, or is it trending now and I didn't know? Interesting to see you not wearing red already on the second day of CNY. LOL

    1. I don't think is trending! But I love how it was unique and stand out among all the traditional type of Cheongsam!

  7. i like the bag, Alice in Wonderland.. it is so so so cute o m g. :D

  8. The details on the blouse is really nice- plus love the photos too. Hope you had a great CNY celebration as well :)

  9. I love your two piece Cheong Sam - very modern and flexible as you can wear it anywhere! Great choices as always!

  10. Oh my I love your two piece cheongsam! You can also paired it with youe other pieces. And the color suits you well :)

  11. Love love ur two piece cheongsam! It looks so sweet and dainty! Your brown wedges are also really nice!

  12. love your black shoes! haha

  13. Wootz! nice ootd. I like your maroon top & skirt, lovely.