Oops, can't believe that Chinese New Year ended and time flew so fast! Without Further ado, I shall continue on my CNY Outfit Post Part 2. Like I had mentioned it earlier this year Chinese New Year I wear a lot of pants outfit. No reason for it, but just feel like wearing pants all the way. Pants can be wear in a different style when you wear a different type of top too. Basically pants are way more fun to style with.

Been dragged out to visit my Dad's side relatives, been few years not see them. Since I am having my wedding this year, my mom asked me to give the invitation out to them too. The night before I sleep at almost 2 am due to a midnight movie with my friends. 

Love my accessories of the day out, love my new turquoise gold watch which I bought it last year and didn't even wear it because the strap was too loose for me. Finally, I manage to wear it for CNY after the strap adjusts to my wrist diameter.

This is my first piece of ANG (red) outfit during this Chinese New Year. Not sure but I am not too hype on red this year, if you wanted to try some red outfits for coming to CNY you can read up to my last year post which I wear most red for the whole CNY.

White and Red is like the signature color for Chinese New Year. I didn't buy any new red bottom this year, so this pair of pants was the same as the last year red pants.

 The oxford shoes I wear it here is from Twmall which I can't remember from which vendor but I've been abandoned for some time. Recently my mom wears it out and I start to wearing it too.

This whole photo series is taken by my mom. Of cause the sifu will be me who teaching her, I adjust the screen and position for her and she can easily just shoot away.

Close details of my top. I love how all the Europe girls wear and style mesh top by wearing bralette or a tube top inside the mesh top. It looks so fashionable and another level of style that I would love to try. But as you would know in Malaysia, there's no way you would wear mesh top and bralette walking around. 

Manage to find a loose mesh top from Taobao and wear a white singlet inside. The dot pattern was kinda 3D but luckily is not very touchy with my skin. So if you are sensitive with a touchy material top you might need to reconsider. Berrilicious choker from WEGO Japan.

Outfit Details

Top | Taobao
Pants | Own
Shoes | Twmall(forget)
Watch | Zalora
Choker | WEGO Jpn

After a Red mix White outfit, the second outfit was Pink and White outfit all from Chouni.ent. I have been waiting to wear this outfit and finally, I wear it out after CNY back from Malacca. This outfit material was slightly thick which I don't recommend to wear it outdoor since I am heading to Pavilion. I decided to wear this outfit! 

I have no idea why but I tend to visit Pavilion during the festive season, one of the reason is I love how deco their mall each time during the festive season.

The pink is more of rusty pink and comes in thick pleated texture. It comes together with the belt and metal ring. I don't quite know how to adjust the belt but somehow it just turns out that way. The disadvantage is it doesn't come with a pocket design which I find it not really convenient. 

Outfit Details. As usual, I like everything in pleated because it was so comfy and can create an illusion of slim long leg, haha! Match my whole outfit with my favorite bucket bag.

Although the top is in knitwear design but is not too over thick like the normal knitwear sweater and top. It was in thick cotton material but gives me enough warm when I go cinema.

I love that how they trim the ending with wavey details which I think that it was a very cute detail!

With my short hair wearing big earrings makes my outfit looks more appealing. I have been considering to buy more big earrings in the future too. Even this earrings colors combination is matched with my outfit too.

Outfit Details

Top and Bottom | Chouni.ent(Facebook/Insta)
Heels | Charles and Keith
Bags | Zalora
Earrings | Taobao

That's all for my Chinese New Year Outfit post! Tell me which is your favorite one?


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  1. I really like all your looks la babe. You pulled it off great! But a personal favourite of mine would be the pleated outfits. So chic!

  2. I really love the gold turquoise watch! Where did you buy it? As for outfit, I would go with Part 2 as a personal preference.

  3. I really love your knitted top. Paired with the pinstripe pants, you look so tall. I can't tell that it is pink from the photo, though. Also love your watch. So many details.

    1. Thanks Emily =) yea its because of the orangey light hehe!

  4. Hello Sharon! You always look fabulous, and I love your pleated bottom :) Very chic!

  5. Hello Sharon!
    Another totally different look you have here to for your second edition of your CNY ootd! love the details of your mesh top!

  6. always fabulous as ever... envy your ability of picking and matching your clothing...

  7. I currently own big hip and some belly fat, those somehow don't suit me.
    Nice outfits and they suits you, and you own fairer skin tone :)

    1. Hey Joanne! I do gain some weight recently T_T Wear culottes and high waist pants can make you looks slimer dear =)

  8. The outfit looks great on you dear and the pants looks exceptionally good too. Will certainly check out the store you got them from ;)

  9. Nice cordination, I like your tassle earrings.

  10. Love your second outfit very much, babe !

  11. I love all your OOTD collection. Fashionable, Simple & Nice ;)

  12. love your watch! i love your pleated pants :D you look so pretty and classy

  13. Always enjoy reading your OOTD post, I like the pink dress one :)