Here I am with my Cheongsam look that we took at Kwai Chai Hong on the last day of Chinese New Year. Although Chinese New Year has passed, I still want to share these shots that we take. Thanks to my husband for shooting all these Leng Leng photo of me. I'm still thankful that I can still receive this Cheongsam before the Chinese New Year ended. 

I have been wanted to come to Kwai Chai Hong for the longest time. Even though it is the last day of Chinese New Year but the crowds here are still a lot. Despite the crowds, we still able to complete the shoot. Not to mention, some of them wearing Cheongsam to here to shoot too.

I didn't shoot at the famous Kwai Chai Hong gate. But when you come in, you will see this bridge with the leafy tree. With the red bridge and lantern, it feels more like the Chinese New Year celebration.

Took more of some shoot near the bridge.

I love this shot!

We also found this lantern background in one of the cafes inside Kwai Chai Hong. We quickly took some shoot inside the cafe when there's no one inside.

This LED light in front of the shop also gives this vintage Chinese New Year vibes.

Talking about my Cheongsam, this year I decided to go for a traditional Cheongsam look, red and gold color is the most common color for a traditional Cheongsam. It has some gold embroidery on it, gives this cheongsam a more classy and elegant feel. 

The umbrella is where you can found in Kwai Chai Hing! It was so matchy with the Cheongsam I wear too, given more an old vintage in China Town.

The entire Cheongsam comes in black line, which gives the Cheongsam a modern and young look. I like that also the Cheongsam does not come in the high slit. Which I can still wear in any of other occasions if needed. 

Inside Kwai Chai Hong, there are these stairs up to this colorful yet vintage wall drawing.

Loving all of the shots taken here. I like how the angle of the photo taken is so creative. The color and the background of the photo look so seamlessly nice together.

Found this Er Hu too.

Back to the bridge for some soft. Love the photoshoot straight front with the leafy background.

Also forcing my husband took whole body shot of me with the umbrella.

Overall I am really excited to visit Kwai Chai Hong again, I love how the entire street comes in traditional vibes which I really like. Not to mention that the cafe nearby here is very much worth to visit too. Wish to come here next time with my friend soon!

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