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I'm excited for the final gathering of the year with The Butterfly Project. This year's theme is an Ice Cream Christmas Party at PJ Softsrve Ice Cream & Dessert Bar. It sounded fun and exciting when I finally got the invite to this party. I can't wait to share what's happening during this Ice Cream Xmas party. 

As a woman, we have so many responsibilities that we must be in charge such as a daughter, wife, and mum. Throughout life, we need to learn how to love ourselves more. Besides our busy lives with family and work, we also need to spend time for ourselves by doing things we like by self-pampering. It's been a while since I attended The Butterfly Project workshop, and this time we are having lots of fun with more empowering women and bringing all of us women together.

Here to share another beauty products that I recently like to use for face detox! Due to the environment and dust that we always encounter, there are always unseen impurities on the surface of our face. We always have to use scrub and clay mask for deep cleanse into our pores as well. In this post, I will be sharing three powerful products that I really love to use to deep cleanse and detox my face.

Have you tried out any cleansing tools while you clean your face? All the while I have been using only hand and face cleanser to wash my face. I try to be as hygiene as possible whenever I want to wash my face. But sometimes is hard to prevent and eventually, there will remaining dirt in your pores or your face! Today post I will intro about this Nion Beauty - Opus Express that I have been loving and using it since I receive it.

About Nion Beauty

NION BEAUTY is providing skin care cleansing device in USA based company developed by a team of from USA & Korea which combining Japan cutting –edge technology. NION BEAUTY Cleansing Device comes with Kinectic Skin Cleansing and is the 1st in the Market S-ION Technology which make their brand more different with others brands. 

Their Kinetic Skin Cleansing System uses vibrational energy to delicately break-up and whisks away impurities. It is using gentle vibration mechanism to remove dirt, pollutants, impurities without stripping the face of its moisture. S-ION Technology is referring to the mix of rubber silicone and tourmaline which can generate negative ions to benefit our skin. Negative ions work like tiny magnets that attach to positive charged environmental toxins (dirt) on the skin, creating a heavier element which gets rinsed away easily. 

Thanks to The Butterfly Project and Caffe Bene, I had enjoyed a wonderful Ultra Violet Party last weekend with all the Butterflies. Although this is a small and cozy party together. I really love it and how we can enjoy and learn more about the concept behind this Ultra Violet Series from Caffe Bene. Since it was an UltraViolet Party, we are all in a purple and it looks so nice when seeing all of wearing my favorite Purple color in an event!

Been attend The Face Shop Pop Up Store during the first week of February! This pop-up store is located in The Starling Mall. Let me just bring you through and see what's The Face Shop has in their pop up store. 

The Face Shop Pop Up Store

Date: 7th to 11th February
Venue: Starling Mall, Damansara Utama

Before 2017 ends, The Butterfly Project have our first ever staycation with the butterflies at The KL Journal Hotel. Thanks to Traveloka for this wonderful opportunity for us to able to enjoy this short staycation before 2017 ends. This is a really great experience for us butterflies to gathering and has fun together among our communities! I would say this staycation is another level up of our journey with The Butterfly Project.

During our stay, we are staying at the KL Journal Hotel located at the center of KL. Within walking distance, you can walk to Bukit Bintang and Pavilion area, also it was really convenient where there's monorail for you to travel to some tourist spots too!

Back to my beauty post to end my hectic ahead. This time I will introduce this really chic and pretty black box set from A:CONCEPT. A:CONCEPT is a brand that is famous for their cushion and some lippie design too. Their brand is focused on easy and multifunctional makeup that is suitable for working life woman that is often too busy to take care of makeup or even find makeup that is bulky and not convenient to use. 

For today post, this whole set is the perfect gift for your mum or friend around who are so busy and find makeup troublesome things to do. Because with one of this box, you can find your perfect foundation, blusher, and cheek.

Happy 4th Birthday to The Butterfly Project Community! It's been a good old 4 years that this community grows, I can't really remember how long I been with The Butterfly Project but I remember my first blogging project is the Havaianas blogging review. 

I am always being proud to be a Butterfly and I admit that I have grown a lot within this community. Not only that, through this community we get to knows a lot of PR and more blogging opportunity with all the other butterflies too. I am glad that each year we all grow stronger and become better together. Joining The Butterfly Project makes us feel that we are not alone in this blogging community too. Thanks, Mamasan Tammy Lim again for this wonderful community. ๐Ÿ’— 

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing to all of you! It's been the truly blessed year of 2016 and look how fast time flies too. We are less than 1 week till 2017. Hope to clear all my pending post before 2016 ended. Something big is going to happen in 2017 too, hope you can continue to follow my journey to 2017 also too.

Back to this short update of my first baking trial together with fellow Butterflies at 19 Culinary Studio! I never bake anything before in my life so been able to join this Christmas Cupcake workshop was really excited too. Hope on to this time travel journey back to my first time baking journey with fellow butterflies at At 19 Culinary Studio.

Hey lovelies, today will gonna share my Beauty Haul from Shizens. I always heard about Shizens before, and their famous lip tattoos too. That it is popular for its lasting effect and its ability to bring out the lips’ natural rosy tones. But in this haul, I managed to try out some other good products too from Shizens! 

It was my first time shopping at Shizens website, I don't know that I can shop for their beauty and makeup products from their website too. It helps to save up a lot of time and online shopping is so much fun as I can expect a "parcel" from Shizens. It just makes my online shopping more fun and excited.