Here to share another beauty products that I recently like to use for face detox! Due to the environment and dust that we always encounter, there are always unseen impurities on the surface of our face. We always have to use scrub and clay mask for deep cleanse into our pores as well. In this post, I will be sharing three powerful products that I really love to use to deep cleanse and detox my face.


This unique, Alcohol-Free cleanser and toner wipe away dirt and oil for a clean, smooth complexion. Sea Kelp Clears impurities, while Cucumber and Chamomile refine pores and reduce oiliness. Use daily for soft, balanced skin.

Cleanses Sensitive skin for a clean, fresh skin feel.
Rem-impurities and minimizes shine.
Refines Pores.

For sensitive skin user, It’s recommended to complete patch tests on skin before using any Formula 10.0.6 products.

How to use?

Apply to the cotton pad. Wipe over the face and neck to cleanse and remove any impurities.

For the first round, I will use to remove the makeup on my face. The product is super gentle on my skin, and I like it removes makeup easily. My face super soft and refreshing!

Check out all the makeup dirt's on the cotton pad.


After removing makeup, I will use the next product which is my favorite. This super effective and nice bubble mask. I love to use this to awaken my fatigued skin with this oxygenated cleansing face mask. This skin-purifying bubble mask carries away dirt to reveal a bright fresh face. It contains Rhassoul clay cleans your pores while green tea acts as an antioxidant for your skin.

Key Ingredients
Rhassoul Clay
Natural Moisturizing Ingredient 
Derived from Sugar Beet Molasses


I love pump usage! Super convenient and hygiene too. We can easily control the amount of the product that we want to use.


I can't believe that the texture is an oxygenated bubble like because it looks like a two different texture when I first squeeze out. After you pump out the amount of the products you need, you can apply it evenly on your face. The tiny bubbles form quite fast so make sure you apply quickly and evenly especially on the area that you want to focus more.

Each tiny clay bubble lifts and carries away stubborn impurities leaving your skin clean and pure. Relax and let yourself be totally taken away. My face can feel a slight tingling when the tiny bubbles formed. But I enjoy the feeling when the bubbles form too!

After for around 5-10 minutes, you can rinse away with water. While you mix with water, you can massage the product into your face as a face cleanser.

I use So Totally Clean Sensitive Everyday Cleanser for a double cleanser. Check out the clean cotton pad! 


For the last time, I will go for the last detox cleanse for my face which is using this peel mask! This peel mask works like a supercharged magnet to attract and bind dirt that is clogged deep within your pores. Bamboo charcoal and wild plum work quickly to detox pores and gently exfoliate. It also contains Wild plum fruit extract is a complex mix of three different Australian plums to help nourish, moisturize and invigorate the skin.

Key Benefits
Bamboo charcoal detoxifies pore
Absorbs impurities and toxins
Lightly exfoliates the skin. 

Key Ingredients
Bamboo Charcoal
Wild Plum Fruit Complex
Natural Moisturizing Ingredient
Derived from Sugar Beet Molasses

Texture and Packaging

The tube packaging is really my favorite type of packaging. It is convenient and easy to use as well. They have a really creamy texture which is easy to being squeeze out or even just slip out from the tube.

Apply the mask evenly on your face. You can apply the product until you have covered the surface of your skin. The texture is creamy enough to just cover one layer on your face.

You can peel it after the mask is completely dry on your skin. Some of the areas of the peel mask might need longer due to much thicker texture.

Super love my clean face after this four simple steps with using just Formula 10.0.6 products! You can do this routine three every week for better results. I love how it penetrates deeply to skin and draw all the dirts and impurities out from my pores. Leaving my skin healthy and glowing again!

Lastly, I want to thanks Butterfly Project Malaysia and Luxor Beauty World for sending over the products! 

Do check out the link below to know where to get

Watsons Online or at Selected Watsons store list 

About the Brand 

FORMULA 10.0.6 is the skin care product offers effectiveness of addressing consumer skin care concerns especially acne young skin.  It contains a familiar mix of natural botanicals with proven efficacy. This brand has a wide product range such as Cleanser, Mask, Moisturizer, and Patches and so on. Currently, launching 12 products in Malaysia + 4 new masks launching in Sept 2018.

*Even though products were sent for review purpose. However, it doesn't affect my own opinion on this product.

Till Then.


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