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Back to my beauty post to end my hectic ahead. This time I will introduce this really chic and pretty black box set from A:CONCEPT. A:CONCEPT is a brand that is famous for their cushion and some lippie design too. Their brand is focused on easy and multifunctional makeup that is suitable for working life woman that is often too busy to take care of makeup or even find makeup that is bulky and not convenient to use. 

For today post, this whole set is the perfect gift for your mum or friend around who are so busy and find makeup troublesome things to do. Because with one of this box, you can find your perfect foundation, blusher, and cheek.

Ohai!! Can't believe that I am here again celebrating Althea Korea 2nd Birthday!! Each year Althea Korea is always bringing tons and tons of surprise and new Korean brand product in. For me, it was very hard for me to control not to click into their website because I know that I will be busy scrolling their products pages by pages. Not only that, I will add more and more products into my cart. In conclusion, I just couldn't stop shopping in Althea Korea. 

Hello, snowies! I am back to another beauty post in my blog. It's been a while since I feel not too inspire to blog and due to workload increase during the campaign period. Can't wait for a getaway somewhere away from my work. I feel pretty tired easily and lazy too!! I need more inspiration to pick up my spirit back again!!

Back to today post, I will be writing about this Smart Beauty Tool Box from Althea Korea. They have been release few trendy box on their website and this is the Trendy Box #4! I didn't get to purchase their previous trendy box. I can just remind and warn you to stay away from these deals because definitely will burn a hole out from your purse. With my recent purchase of this beauty box, and you will know why!!!

Finally gonna blog about this super happy and wonderful birthday party that I went. This special party is to celebrating Butterfly Project Malaysia reaches 3 Years Old in 2016 April 30th. I feel that time passes super fast that it has already been 3 years that Butterfly Project Malaysia is born! I feel super glad and grateful that in this blogging journey with Butterfly Project Malaysia, I have learn a lot, making new blogger's friend, learning how to create a good content for blog, have more opportunity to reach out different famous beauty brand in Malaysia.

There is still a long speech to go that I can't be thankful enough to Butterfly Project Malaysia and to the great and inspired founder Tammy Lim which are been the AWESOME supports to all the Butterflies in this community. If its not by Tammy Lim, I don't think this Birthday Party could ever happens. 

Woops, I shall continue my rant in the end of the post. Not forget I have to thanks Althea Korea, Delectable by Su by sponsoring all the goods and venue for this wonderful birthday bash we have for Butterfly Project Malaysia. Let's follow my post to recall back all the wonderful memory we all Butterflies have during the birthday party on the 30th April 2016.
First time blogging about Althea Korea. I been loving their item and price since they start their online website by this year. If you have to shop for any Korea brand product, first website in your mind will be? Don't get me wrong My First choice of Website will be Althea Korea. 

In Althea Korea, you can get really CHEAP, AFFORDABLE and FAST SHIPPING of all the Korea Product you want. I have compare prices among all the other Malaysia website which selling Korea Product. Guess which website got so much win from all the aspect, especially PRICE? ALTHEA KOREA is still the FIRST! 

In this Christmas, Althea Korea is having a lots of promotion and they are having the SUPER GRAND PRICE during this Christmas too! 

Omo Omo The Althea Logo was design with the Christmas Santa Sleigh and Reindeer too! WHY SO CUTE

Summer is the most hot weather in all the 4 season but girl need make up in every season. I bet there is someone who really hate summer because of the hot sun and weather always make us sweating and feel irritated of the hot weather. If your make up didn't provide the best for Summer Season, with all the sweating and hot sun. Your make up can be really dried up your skin or even will spoil your make up because of the sweat.

Etude House has come out this Lock' N Summer Precious Mineral Make up product. This series of product are created for summer, meaning it meant to create long lasting make up look and sweat proof! It was out during last year June 2014 so it was really late for now to write this review. But when I saw this sell at Althea Korea in this and I am so addict in BB Cushion nowadays. The price I bought was RM48 which I think was really cheap consider a BB Cushion. 

Althea Korea always offer the CHEAPEST price of Korean Skin Care and Make Up product.

Isn't these whole series looking so tempting. They even have beautiful color of eyeliner, mascara that is super WATERPROOF as they say, cushion powder and lip gloss that is super matte for SUMMER.