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Hi guys, I been wanted to share and write this post about where to get cheap Summer Rattan Bag? This post is mainly for Malaysian because in Malaysia we are 365 Summer Season All day long except for Monsoon season end of the year.

Summer is the most hot weather in all the 4 season but girl need make up in every season. I bet there is someone who really hate summer because of the hot sun and weather always make us sweating and feel irritated of the hot weather. If your make up didn't provide the best for Summer Season, with all the sweating and hot sun. Your make up can be really dried up your skin or even will spoil your make up because of the sweat.

Etude House has come out this Lock' N Summer Precious Mineral Make up product. This series of product are created for summer, meaning it meant to create long lasting make up look and sweat proof! It was out during last year June 2014 so it was really late for now to write this review. But when I saw this sell at Althea Korea in this and I am so addict in BB Cushion nowadays. The price I bought was RM48 which I think was really cheap consider a BB Cushion. 

Althea Korea always offer the CHEAPEST price of Korean Skin Care and Make Up product.

Isn't these whole series looking so tempting. They even have beautiful color of eyeliner, mascara that is super WATERPROOF as they say, cushion powder and lip gloss that is super matte for SUMMER.