Hi guys, I been wanted to share and write this post about where to get cheap Summer Rattan Bag? This post is mainly for Malaysian because in Malaysia we are 365 Summer Season All day long except for Monsoon season end of the year.

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Now is the monsoon season for Malaysia already and I only got the round rattan bag that I want last month? LOL Is actually been in my cart for quite some time and I keep drag and did not check out even though it been in my cart for so long! Sometimes shopping need mood also - Yes? No?

Let's start with my first kind of Rattan Bag that I got from Taobao! Why did I start off with this bag is mainly because the round rattan bag that I want is so freaking expensive, I've been looking for it in Bangkok - Chatuchak Market but for those high-quality ones it cost RM100 and above to own it. If you guys have been to Vietnam or Ubud, Bali, this kind of bags selling at most 40-60 MYR only (please correct me f I'm wrong). I have already set my own price target to get the rattan bag probably around the price as well.

When I first saw this bag online, I really like the shape and design of this rattan bag. It has this round cute handle to hold. Inside is secured by a string that you can tighten it. In Taobao, there are two kinds of design for you to choose, one is with the scarf and another one is without a scarf. 

Apparently, the one I choose is without the scarf, but I bought one scarf from Chatuchak Weekend market and I decided to just tie it around the handle to add ore accessorize on the bag itself. Surprisingly since I'm wearing the pink-purple dress, the pink scarf somehow matches the entire feel with my outfit.

It cost around less than MYR50 with shipping. 

Do browse through their other products in the store because they have a lot of nice rattan bags as well. They do have a lot of more casual style rattan bag that you might prefer.

Straw Casual Rattan Round Sling Bag Bali Style Crossbody

If you are not familiar with Taobao or do not understand Chinese, Shopee is a great place for you to shop! Most of their items getting stock from China as well, it will take less than 2 weeks or more. Why do I end shopping rattan bag in Shopee simply because I can't find a cheap and affordable one in Taobao but in Shopee lol!!

This shop sells this two really cute shape rattan bag which I can't decide which shape I should get! They both literally too cute to use it! I don't have a square or even round bag in my closet. Might as well get both, haha! Do expect that the size of the bag is slightly smaller.

Round Straw Bags Women Rattan Bag Handmade Woven Beach Bag Circle Bohemia Style 

Omg when I first found this in Shopee I literally jump and feel so happy! It's been the longest time ever to look for this kind of rattan bag that I love. Plus the price is so cheap and affordable.  It cost me around RM60+ with shipping!

It has two design for the clasp and my favorite one is the #1. But the #2 style is super vintage look as well. Both the size is similar. For mine, I did notice the color rattan on the bag is not balance which I totally okay with it, as a rattan bag is a much more balanced if there's more natural rattan color on it. The size is pretty basic with purse and handphone. I can't wait to style it with my #SharonOOTD.

Bohemia Style Women Round Shape Shoulder Bag Rattan Bag

Carinn actually shows me this rattan bag at first when I looking for rattan bag at Shopee! The size of the bag is normal but it has more rounded side shape and there's a blue ceramic piece too. I really how this blue ceramic details on this bag. If I haven't searched and found the original rattan bag that I want, I would possible gotten this.

Show some love for Carinn Look here

 Women Straw Round Bag Handwoven Rattan Circle Handmade Bag

Moving to the next one, this one will much more mini size.  And there's black color as well, so if you are bored with other brown rattans bag. You can always choose black to have something different than others. 

2018 Round Straw Bags Women Summer Rattan Bag Handmade Beach Cross Body Bag

Lastly is more to a woven bag which is more soft and casual to bring out. I really love this bag where I can easily match with any outfit. This style is more casual and versatile space where u can fit more small stuff too. 

Do enjoy some shopping through shopee because I do notice there's more rattan bag to shop and look for too. 



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