Finally gonna blog about this super happy and wonderful birthday party that I went. This special party is to celebrating Butterfly Project Malaysia reaches 3 Years Old in 2016 April 30th. I feel that time passes super fast that it has already been 3 years that Butterfly Project Malaysia is born! I feel super glad and grateful that in this blogging journey with Butterfly Project Malaysia, I have learn a lot, making new blogger's friend, learning how to create a good content for blog, have more opportunity to reach out different famous beauty brand in Malaysia.

There is still a long speech to go that I can't be thankful enough to Butterfly Project Malaysia and to the great and inspired founder Tammy Lim which are been the AWESOME supports to all the Butterflies in this community. If its not by Tammy Lim, I don't think this Birthday Party could ever happens. 

Woops, I shall continue my rant in the end of the post. Not forget I have to thanks Althea Korea, Delectable by Su by sponsoring all the goods and venue for this wonderful birthday bash we have for Butterfly Project Malaysia. Let's follow my post to recall back all the wonderful memory we all Butterflies have during the birthday party on the 30th April 2016.

First of all do prepare yourself because the color you will be seeing in this post will be all in PASTEL color. I think this is the best color for all the butterflies and what's more we got matchy color with Althea Korea as well. Everything in this party is all handmade and design all by our Mamasan.

Not only that we are serve delightfully by Delectable By Su with all the desserts and snacks. Look how pretty this desserts are.

Yummy Snack.

Chocolate fountain and cookies for us to decorate. 

More desserts.

Photos with the beautiful PINK doughnut float! Looks yummy until some one actually eat 1 bite of this doughnut.

Besides that, at Delectable by Su. You can always have more choices of cakes and desserts that you prefer too.

On that day itself, we have few activities as well. We have BB Deco Cushion, Shop & Selfie with Althea, Lucky Dip and Prize Giveaway!! We got to fill up the survey form for Althea Korea and we have to to bring our own BB Cushion for the deco session as well. Say HI to my first Bb Cushion IOPE since the wording at the cover is coming out so it has become a bare cover which is perfect for me to deco and give my IOPE BB Cushion a new cover look.

We have the EMCEE of the Day - Dee Leonard to welcome and brief us about what are we going to do the whole day.

Sabree is here to coach us how to deco our BB Cushion. And guess what she is the First Butterflies when Butterfly Project is started.

Our deco kit, apron and Althea Korea box

Here's my super cute deco kit for BB Cushion.

I finalize the place that I want all the deco kit to be place on my BB Cushion. Looking quite cute and delicious I could say. Everything is all about cute and yummy dessert.

My Bare Cover IOPE finally is design with all these cute deco kit from Althea Korea. We have to wait for 24 hours to have the setting cream to be fully dry. In the mean while, let me show you few of the BB Cushion that the other Butterflies have deco.

We got Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry setting cream one for each of us. Not forget even the nozzle head for the setting cream is different too. So you can see each of the BB Cushion has their own personalities and design.

More Desserts, more sweet and more PINK!

Designing the BB Deco could be quite stress out and since we are all first timer. The process is super nervous and concentrate moment needed.

We even mix out the setting cream and make it looks colorful!

Super Flowery and Elegant BB Cushion. Looks how classy and elegant it can be.

Pantone color of BB Cushion Version. Pink and Blue, somehow I find it looks really cute combination of color.

After the BB Deco, while waiting others to finish. We can enjoy snack and DIY cookies with chocolate chips, chocolate dipping, caramel. 

My own DIY Cookies.

Snacks to be enjoyed.

We got 20 Best BB Cushion Deco Design Picked by Sabree. 

Now I can start to use back my IOPE BB Cushion with the new Deco Cover that I have design for it. 

We even have the SHOP and SELFIE with Althea Korea. Not forget we get 150 Credit Points to SHOPPING at ALTHEA KOREA for 30 minutes too. Super fast and tricky shopping I would say. Everyone of us are flooding the server of Althea together. haha Thanks Althea Korea! Lots of Love xoxo

Woops next I am gonna spam the photos I took with all the Butterflies during the PARTAYYY!

It was fun meeting new friends and gathering with old friends during this PARTAYY! I have enjoy myself very much in this party and I started to missing it already when I am blogging now. Everything is like a dream and Happy moments always pass so quickly.

Okay group photo from right side to the back. Our favorite Mamasan, Tammy Lim on my right and Cute CEO from Althea Korea on my left. Behind we got 1 BIG Mascot Dee Leonard, and 2 Photographers from Malaysia and Korea.

Once again Thanks a lots to Althea Korea with all the goodies and love for all the Butterflies. Delectables by Su with all the yummy home bake cookies and snacks. Mamasan Tammy Lim for organised this super FUN PRINCESS Moments celebrating the 3rd Year for Butterfly Project Malaysia. I am really grateful for all the years with Butterfly Project Malaysia. I meet many blogger's friend that I never thought I could know and be close friend with them. I am really happy that in my blogging journey I have know Butterfly Project Malaysia and all the Butterflies walking this journey with me.


Just not enough to say how much I feel GRATEFUL and THANKFUL!!


Lots of LOVE



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  1. I also started to miss the party already ~ Because of butterfly, we met each other ~ *hug* ... :)

  2. I love ALTHEA so so much! Too bad I couldn't attend the event :( MIss it badly

  3. So jealous because I can't attend this time. Hope to make it next year. Everything so pretty and sweet.

    1. No worries Cindy =D Book this date for next year!

  4. Wish I can be at the event for all the yummy home bake cookies and snacks too! 😭😭

  5. love the event too! Everything is so pretty, including the human being!

    1. Such a lovely celebration.. Too bad I miss this out.. :(

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  8. that looks like such a fun event with lotsa yummy food to surround you too!

    Love what you wore to the event too!

    much love,

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  10. Aww... really making me missed the best party ever. Hope I able to join party under Butterfly Projects as it really seems fun. >.<

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    1. Yes yes! Feel like wanted to deco it again =D

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  15. Such a happening celebration!! The food and dessert looked so yummy!!

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  17. fun event indeed bt has to miss it as my dear not well. butterfly project 3rd birthday indeed special

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  19. Wow!! It seriously very fun especially designing the cutie things on the BB CUSHION and yet I am so so sad that I couldn't attend the party with you all :(


    1. Hi babe! Thanks for dropping by =D No worries I believe you can too!

  20. Everyone look so pretty in cute pink color, such a lovely event :)

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