Have you tried out any cleansing tools while you clean your face? All the while I have been using only hand and face cleanser to wash my face. I try to be as hygiene as possible whenever I want to wash my face. But sometimes is hard to prevent and eventually, there will remaining dirt in your pores or your face! Today post I will intro about this Nion Beauty - Opus Express that I have been loving and using it since I receive it.

About Nion Beauty

NION BEAUTY is providing skin care cleansing device in USA based company developed by a team of from USA & Korea which combining Japan cutting –edge technology. NION BEAUTY Cleansing Device comes with Kinectic Skin Cleansing and is the 1st in the Market S-ION Technology which make their brand more different with others brands. 

Their Kinetic Skin Cleansing System uses vibrational energy to delicately break-up and whisks away impurities. It is using gentle vibration mechanism to remove dirt, pollutants, impurities without stripping the face of its moisture. S-ION Technology is referring to the mix of rubber silicone and tourmaline which can generate negative ions to benefit our skin. Negative ions work like tiny magnets that attach to positive charged environmental toxins (dirt) on the skin, creating a heavier element which gets rinsed away easily. 

Nion Beauty Opus Express


3 Speed Cleansing Vibration
S-ION Technology silicon tip 
Easy to clean
Shower Safe**
Required 2 AA batteries (not included) 
Comes in White and Pink 

Why and How Nion Beauty Cleansing Tools works so effectively for our skin? 

Base on the kinetic energy (or called as vibrations), their Kinetic Skin Cleansing System, uses vibrational energy to delicately deep cleanse our pores and impurities on the skin.

The magic is the negative ions that are found in the air after a thunderstorm or near moving water and also in certain gemstones, like amethysts. Studies also have proven negative ions have 'feel good' properties, and they reputed to help boost your mood, reduce stress, and promote better overall health. Not forget that they also have the ability to cleanse skin, removing dirt and toxins.

These negative ions also work like tiny magnets that attach to positive charged environmental toxin (dirt) on the skin, creating a heavier element which gets rinsed away easily. Negative ions are one of Nature's marvels! And with Nion Beauty cleansing tool that proprietary S-ION Technology, they integrate negative ions from tourmaline into the highest quality Japanese Silicone.

Rubber Silicone

Love love their silicon tip! Super soft and gentle on our skin. Although it is super gentle on skin, it cleans my pores and dirt on face effectively. By controlling the speed from the highest, medium to lowest power you can decide on which part of skin need more deep cleaning as well. 

Do you know that Nion Beauty Facial Silicone is so much different than those traditional cleansing methods because it is a cleansing device that generates to heal negative ions on our skin, thus this help cleanse our skin much more effectively!

Silicone is BETTER because

✔️ More durable than rubber
✔️ Resistant to fungus and chemicals
✔️ Impervious to UV rays and heat
✔️ Exceptional durability
✔️ Bristles will not wear down
✔️ Gentle on the skin
✔️ Continuous running lifetime


Compare with Foreo I actually preferred Opus Express design than Foreo. Foreo cleansing tools are convenient and small as well. But to actually grab and use it needs some techniques to get used to hold the small gadget and clean your face. Where Opus Express is designed with a convenient handle to hold without afraid of it falling off and spoil. You can also easily control the direction and area that you want to clean. 


For Opus Express which only cost less than RM200 (Its only RM 169.10!!)and Foreo which can cost up to RM500 which is way too expensive for me to own it. Opus Express is so much more affordable and with they are the 1st in the market with S-ION Technology has shown much more effective and powerful cleansing tools among all other cleansing tools products.

All the retail price for all their Nion Beauty Cleansing Tools.

How to use it?

1. Prepare 2 AA Batteries.
2. Activate Opus Express by pressing the Nion Beauty logo button.
3. The First speed is the strongest and the fastest speed when you first activate it. For the second and third time of pressing, the speed of the vibration will decrease.

4. While the product whilst around your skin, their Kinetic Skin Cleansing System uses vibrational energy to gently break-up and whisks away the impurities. You can massage around your face for around 3 minutes. 

*Normally for me for those areas that need more deep cleansing such as nose area or like acne scar area, I will tend to massage and cleanse even longer time. If you want more foam, you can continue to add water and continue to massage your skin.



Before (2 weeks ago)


I am super thankful to The Butterfly Project and Luxor Malaysia that I got to try this Opus Express and add this cleansing tool into my face cleansing process! Just after my period ends and normally our skin will have a period of time where your skin will look super smooth and nice. But things just have gotten worst for me, that I have a lot of breakouts on the right side of my cheeks. There's a lot of white head and I really hate to see it form into acne. It just so BAD! I don't dare to share and show that side of my face if I really need to it has to conceal and cover which I don't think it was good for acne too.

When I start to use Opus Express at the night daily and I scrub my face more often weekly, eventually my skin got better. I was really happy and satisfied with the results. It shows how important to keep your face and pores clean. I can feel my nose area and the right side of my face has become so smooth and clean each time after I wash my face with Opus Express.   (The picture says it all!)

Opus Express works perfectly with any cleansing gel or soap, I am using it with Althea Contour Cleanser from the start with Opus Express. It is recommended to use a high quality, gentle cleansing products to ensure the best results and also remember to moisturize your face after cleansing too! For my skincare routine, I remain as same just that I am able to cleanse my face even more with Opus Express. 

I love that this S-ion Technology Cleaning System harnesses the power of radiant boosting negative ions to easily cleanse your skin, removing harmful pollutants, chemicals and bacteria to give you clear, beautiful skin day after day like me!

I do a fun and quick ASMR video using Opus Express during my travel last weekend too. Feel free to watch and give some comment on the video.

Where To Buy?

Official Store

WATSONS (both offline and online) 




*Even though products were sent for review purpose. However, it doesn't affect my own opinion on this product.

Till Then.


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  1. Whoa, I am impressed by the effectiveness of Opus Express. Can really see how your skin has improved. I remember buying some similar rubber brush for finger and manually rub on my face, especially nose. This makes it so much easier!

  2. Beauty gadgets like this is becoming a hot trend recently. I will consider this NION.