Happy 4th Birthday to The Butterfly Project Community! It's been a good old 4 years that this community grows, I can't really remember how long I been with The Butterfly Project but I remember my first blogging project is the Havaianas blogging review. 

I am always being proud to be a Butterfly and I admit that I have grown a lot within this community. Not only that, through this community we get to knows a lot of PR and more blogging opportunity with all the other butterflies too. I am glad that each year we all grow stronger and become better together. Joining The Butterfly Project makes us feel that we are not alone in this blogging community too. Thanks, Mamasan Tammy Lim again for this wonderful community. πŸ’— 

Desserts and Birthday Cakes are camera ready! What's a birthday party without birthday cake and desserts? We are all indulged in Foods, Drinks, Desserts, and of cause a beautiful pastel Birthday cake too during The Butterfly Project 4th Birthday Party at Hello Deer.

Hello Deers has the best Pastel event hosting place ever! They have beautiful pastel wallpapers around the venue.

Let's welcome Dee Leonard for the emcee of the day. I really love how casual we are celebrating The Butterfly Project 4th Birthday Party. We even go through 1 by 1 to briefly introduce yourself, when we join the community, our social media and blog name too.

My hilarious laugh when Tammy asks me to change my blog domain.

I really love the candid they did with my camera in front of them. 

Some candid photo of our team #swaggers. I really do think Shin May should try bolder color lip color next time. The bold and sharp color lipstick looks so pretty on her.

During the party, we have 2 challenges that can win away prizes from NYX and The Body Shop, one is the top 10 Makeup look and another one is the top 3 unbagging social sharing. It should be unboxing but it turns out that we have our own Butterfly Tote Bag to unbagging!

Check it out my entry for the social media sharing. 

Our beloved Mamasan with the lovely birthday cake!

And guess what to my surprise, not only Nicole make it to the top 3 but I manage to make it the top 2 of the social sharing!! I was so surprised because I never thought that I will win of the Top 3. I also saw a lot of creative entry during the sharing time. What Mamasan has shared to us is that they want us to see how happy and excited we are when we unbagging the products!! 

 The next craziest thing is that team #swaggers actually got the Top 3 Social Sharing Post during the party!! I was literally screaming and can't hide my excitement with the girls when they announced Shin May as the Top 1!! I am so proud and happy with #teamswaggers.

Not forget to take the 3 happy faces selfie together after winning the prize! Thanks to The Body Shop and will be blogging about my winning product soon. 

Talking about my makeup of the day! Is the Hologram space make up look inspired by Pinterest. I didn't go too strong with the color on my face, but manage to go on blink all over my eye, cheek and my side forehead area with a combination of blue, pink, ivory and some hologram blink! Not forget about my hair that I decided to go for Sailormoon to finish out my whole look.

My new contact lenses from Colorcon.my. I always wanted to try gray color contact lenses. This time round since I am going to try this Hologram Makeup, I decided to go for Grey Cons. To my surprise the outcome was pretty cool, you might think is scary. But for me, I really love the aesthetic of the whole look.

Eyeing on the colorful background we keep taking photos on? Thanks to Glitz & Glam for being there and be a part of our Birthday Party Photo Booth. I love love their pastel backdrop and each of us can't stop taking photos with the background too.

Do check out www.gngstudiobooth.com for more info!!

My entire pastel outfit of the day. Gonna spam the selfie I took during the event!

Shin May the boldest haha!

Hi, Bee Lee Chua!! Finally, we met!! Glad that we manage to take a selfie together.

Cute Tiffany.

With my friend and blogger companion, Caroline.

The prettiest girl around from left, Carmen and Aliza!

Not forgetting we have Lee Yan (middle) too!

Colorful and Cute Candace!!

Bubbly Sidney in the house!

End my selfies with the greatest and inspire people I ever know!! Tammy Lim, our dearest mamasan from The Butterfly Project. Love how she stay committed to this community and never ever give up on us and always give the best and more opportunities to all the Butterfly and even new bloggers who joining The Butterfly project. I never know her personally too well but to me, she is someone I will learn and be inspire from.

Once again, Happy 4th Birthday to The Butterfly Project! To more years coming and to more butterflies joining and growing together!

Thanks to Tammy again for organizing such wonderful catch-up birthday party. The customize tote bag is such a catch because I love tote bag!!

Thanks to The Body Shop and NYX for the wonderful gifts and All the Sponsors for the unbagging products review. 

Thanks to

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  1. Love your post so so much !! I'm great to meet you through this community and become BFF that share laugh and tears together~~ I will try a bolder lip colour next round ! Muackssss!!

  2. My sweet tooth screams YUMMEEEEyyy!

  3. Your dress is so pretty. Suits the occasion very well, too.

  4. The deco is so pretty. Glad you had fun!

  5. I knew you were gonna win - love your make up and the hair just rightly complemented the whole out do!

  6. Happy Birthday to The VButterfly project. I love your makeup and congrats for winning the best makeup

  7. I'm in pastel heaven! Congrats on your community's 4th birthday <3

  8. Tammy knows how to take care of her Butterflies and no wonder many wants to be hers, hahaha. Yeah she is right, you better consider changing your domain name. :)

  9. Lots of nice photos. Glad everyone had fun at the party.

  10. Such a fun and eventful party!! I love what you were wearing for the event which looked so matchy with the photo backdrop!

  11. Wah babe u really seems like u enjoyed at the party! I love your hologram makeup. Also the bold lipstick really fit Shin May. You should try too!

    1. Thanks Olivia! Yes I love bold lipstick too just that day make up not suitable =P

  12. Superb birthday party!! I am in love with the arrangements. The dessert table is just adorable. Want to have something like this for my best friend’s birthday party that will arrange at one of venue New York. It will be so fun to do something special for her.