I'm excited for the final gathering of the year with The Butterfly Project. This year's theme is an Ice Cream Christmas Party at PJ Softsrve Ice Cream & Dessert Bar. It sounded fun and exciting when I finally got the invite to this party. I can't wait to share what's happening during this Ice Cream Xmas party. 

Our Ice Cream Xmas party is organized at Softsrve Ice Cream & Dessert Bar, Seapark Petaling Jaya. Although the space is not very spacious, it's good to fit all our butterflies and we feel cozy and comfortable sitting inside the cafe.

We are welcome with this adorable and fun poster for our last annual party with The Butterfly Msia. On the right side, we have more surprises inside the cafe. With beauty box and beauty corners for us to stick some cute stickers on our faces and have some accessorize with anything.

Before vs After

Softsrve Ice Cream & Dessert Bar
5, Jalan 21/11a, Sea Park, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Bath Bombs!

Candles and Room Sprays

Seashell candles, and other bath and body products.

Next, we have the cutest product setup space from Royal Bath Co.! They specialize in Handcrafted Bath and Body Products. When I first saw our mamasan, Tammy share their products in the IG Story I was so intrigued by how cute and colorful their bath bombs are! I always love to have some bathtub moments whenever I travel, and Royal Bath Co. products are handmade locally and come at an affordable price, making me even want to shop and promote their products.

Royal Bath Co.

For our first event session, we had the opportunity to experience the Royal Bath Co. bath bomb firsthand. What amazed me is that each of the bath bombs is actually hand-painted by the owner. The product is handcrafted by Royal Bath Co. with love and patience! I love the creativity and talent I keep seeing in Royal Bath Co.

Royal Bath Co. Christmas Bathbombs - Pink Christmas Tree is so cute. 

To reveal what the color of our bath bombs is. It is actually green and has a hint of orange color!

I soaked my hand in the water and filled it with Royal Bath Co. bath bomb for around 5 minutes, and I felt my hand feel so soft and smooth. 

Our gifts from Royal Bath Co., are 3 scoops of bubble bars, and a Pink Christmas tree bath bomb! I can't wait to enjoy my bathtub moment with Royal Bath Co. bath and body products.

Time to claim our Softsrve Ice Cream! For this Christmas, Softsrve released a new Christmas Edition Ice-Creams, Chocolate Honey Comb hard ice-cream which is like a Cadbury Crunchie ice-cream. Another Softsrve which is Minty Choco Swirl, is only available from mid-Dec. This Softsrve is a refreshing natural mint with the chocolate soft serve that comes with “asap”.

Besides, we can swirl the wheel to see what toppings we can enjoy with our Softsrve.

I really enjoy Softsrve's ice cream. It has a smooth texture and isn't overly sweet, but even a small tub is satisfyingly filling. If you're an ice cream fan who prefers less sweetness, give Softsrve ice cream a try. You won't be disappointed!

Here's our Minty Choco Swirl Softsrve Ice Cream with nitrogen gas. I really love the presentation, the Softsrve Ice Cream is very creamy and rich, and most importantly its kurang manis.

Softsrve Ice Cream & Dessert Bar

This is the first time I've heard of Unicharm 3D Mask. The two face masks above are made of silk, which makes them more comfortable to wear all day long. This particular design is made in Japan. I'm interested in trying out this Silk Face Mask from Unicharm 3D Mask. You can purchase their masks from their official store on Shopee.

Whereas for these designs of their face mask, is also very comfortable and suitable to wear the whole day. Their 3D design, also makes the face look slimmer! You can also use your hand to measure your face to see which size of the facemask is suitable for your face. I am excited to try it! Although this series of facemask is not made in Japan, but is manufactured and comply with Japanese standard.

Purchase Unicharm 3D Mask [CLICK!!]

Next, we have some Xmas Cookie Treats to try out from The Little Chef Remy. To be honest, these cookies from them are super yummy! I finished up the cookies very fast because of how good the cookies are. I wanted to purchase more and gift it to my friends and family as well.

Order via @thelittlechefremy 

For the next part of the event, we get to do an unboxing video of all the beauty products we received! I will also show you guys what are the products that I receive.

@firstaidbeauty Malaysia sensitive skin specialist with their award-winning Ultra Repair Cream (best seller) and gentle Face Cleanser. You can shop all their products from Sephora. I have been wanting to try their products, and I am really excited to try them!

@strntum instantly hydrates & soothes skin with lightweight re: hydrate serum for all skin types.  Formulated by our very own member @danxlees. The texture of this serum is watery and lightweight. I definitely need this for my dry skin!

@summersetsoaps natural handmade deodorant called “Pit Pit” combats body odor naturally so you smell cute & great anywhere anytime! I always use deodorant every day, and just right that I need to restock my deodorant. Can't wait to try out natural handmade deodorant from summerset soaps to help me stay fresh and smell great.

@dododots.official with their latest Anniversary edition beauty patches “Fruit Partay” just in time for a pear-perfect celebration! I rarely use an Acne patch, but dododots acne patch design is way too cute to not use it. On and off I will have a few acne pop-ups pre-period and will definitely try out their acne patch.

@4allbeauty DUO No.1 Cleansing Balm in Asia & Japan is here to remove your makeup & treat your skin like a diamond with its 5-in-1 benefits! This is my first time trying this product, the texture and color of the product are super interesting. Can wait to try this to remove my makeup!

@kojihonpomy My Best Mascara in fashionable colors is here to make your eyes party pretty fast & easily without making u look like a panda! I always love their eye products, such as eyelashes, mascara, and even eyeliner. 

Thank you Butterfly Malaysia for all the goodies for the event. I can't wait to share with you guys on the product on my social media. If you are interested in checking out all the products, make sure to follow me on my social media. 

Once again, happy to meet up and join the wonderful Christmas x Butterfly Ice-cream Party at Softsrve Ice Cream & Dessert Bar. Can't wait for more amazing events next year from Butterfly Malaysia.

The Butterfly Project Malaysia 

 Till Then.

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