As a woman, we have so many responsibilities that we must be in charge such as a daughter, wife, and mum. Throughout life, we need to learn how to love ourselves more. Besides our busy lives with family and work, we also need to spend time for ourselves by doing things we like by self-pampering. It's been a while since I attended The Butterfly Project workshop, and this time we are having lots of fun with more empowering women and bringing all of us women together.

Jaga Hati Workshop
Date: 5 Aug (Sat) 3pm - 6pm 
Venue: Taman Hati (SS2) 
43a, SS2/30, SS 2, 47300 PJ (1st floor, next to Ono & Kona)
Dress code: Light, Minimal, Comfortable (think Zen)

(Credits Chloe SY)

(Credits Chloe SY)

This time the workshop is organized at Taman Hati Studio & Cafe, located at SS2. The cafe environment is surrounded by all the plants taken care of by the owner of the shop. They have limited dining space but every corner is very cozy. You can enjoy some cafe-hopping moments where they also serve pastries, cakes, and coffees too! Not forget they also own 3 cats that are super cute and friendly!

Taman Hati Studio & Cafe
43a, SS2/30, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

This time the workshop focuses on self-love and sustainabilities where we can gather together and learn more about how to love ourselves more, and also learn how to reduce our environmental footprints by bringing our own tote bag to fit our door gift, and also bring recycle glass jar to plant a tree!

Before we start our first succulent pot planting, we also get to understand the types of plants that can grow easily indoors, for example, succulents, where you can just water once a week but you still need to let it be under the sun one day a week. 

(Credits Chloe SY)

This is my first time doing plant potting which is the part that I am most excited about! We all bring our own glass jar for this plant potting session. Taman Hati team also prepared all the necessary tools for us to do our own plant potting.

I major love how my succulent looks after the session!! The process is quite troublesome because you need to layer different layers of soil and small stones for each succulent to survive in the plant pot itself. I also hope that my succulent grow strong and healthy!

Talk about all the goodies we get to bring back that day!!

They sponsor this super cute custom-made butterfly coaster for each of us. This coaster is made from recycled wood from The Wood Place. Sustainability is the key! They also offer some workshops that you can check it on their social media!

Yves Rocher has been quite famous for its skincare and body care products. This new concentrated shower gel from Yves Rocher is one of their new sustainability moves, you only need a 50-cent drop of the concentrated shower gel, and you can get so many bubbles and shower for the whole body!

MONIN is famous for its flavored syrups, which you can just add exceptional flavor to any beverage. It is famous for mocktails, cocktails, coffee, tea, and even for chocolate drinks too. It is certified halal as well.

First time trying out Iberica chips and it is surprisingly yummy and nice! They come in a lot of flavors, but my favorite is the Mediterranean and Black Truffle flavor.

Lastly, we also got these super cute flower plants Widow's-thrill, I chose my favorite purple-pink color! Don't even think that it is easy to take care of a plant, it still requires a lot of time and attention.

Lastly not forget to take a nice ootd look around the cafe Taman Hati. 

(Credits Chloe SY)

Thanks again to The Butterfly Project and Tammy for this successful workshop for us to learn more about self-love and Sustainability! I was also super lucky to win this final big prize from The Wood Place which can be multi-functional as an accessories organizer or book hang.

Lovely organizer ๐Ÿ˜

Once again, I feel really happy to be able to be a part of this lovely community with so many strong and lovely ladies! Hope to attend more meaningful events with The Butterfly Project. ๐Ÿ’œ

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The Butterfly Project Malaysia 

 Till Then.


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