This year for Chinese New Year, I tried out many new outfits and styles that I had never worn before. I would really like to blog about it because it is definitely my first time trying ma mian qun for this year's CNY. I didn't plan to photoshoot with my cheongsam this year, but instead, I tried this ma mian qun outfit for this Chinese New Year. Do read more to see all the beautiful photos that I took with this ma mian qun outfit!
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I had a hard time finding a perfect location for this outfit but I managed to locate this 陈氏书院 located at Petaling Street, KL which is near and convenient for us. Some random thoughts, I never go to 天后宫 for a Chinese New Year Photoshoot. I think I can set it for next year, and I also stumbled upon some nice places to go in Melaka.

Every time we do a photo shoot, it's always challenging at the beginning. We often feel uninspired and unfamiliar with the new location. However, I recently discovered a great place to shoot my ma mian qun - the 陈氏书院, which is actually where Chinese couples register their marriage. I found this location by scrolling through xhs and doing some research.

This place closes at 5pm and I didn't check nicely the time ended up we are here at around 4:45pm. We quickly took our shots and so many people kept coming by and visiting this place. I guess that's how we didn't feel much guilty and awkward when we visited here quite last minute as well. 👀

I love this smile look happy when my husband took this photo! But all he told me was that I looked drunk 😒

What is ma mian qun?

Mamianqun, is a type of traditional Chinese skirt. It is also known as mamianzhequn but is sometimes simply referred to as 'apron', a generic term in English to refer to any Chinese-style skirt, or 'paired apron' in English although they are not aprons as defined in the dictionary.

(From Wikipedia)

These sitting chairs' corners are quite nice and I decided to sit and take some nice outfit photos. I never thought that the photos turned out really nice because the mamianqun can be quite bulky and you can look wide and heavy when you wear it. Sitting pose can make it look worse too!

The whole place is actually quite small and is just a square section. There aren't a lot of corners for photos and there's also some crowds when we are here as well.

For my first ma mian qun, I choose my favorite purple! The photos I saw from Taobao look really pretty and dreamy. But when I received this in real life, the pattern was actually just a print and not the quality type of embroidery that traditional ma mian qun had. But I guess is also quite cheap and I didn't do much research when I decided to buy a ma mian qun. Despite the quality of the skirt not being up to my expectations, I still decided to wear and from afar it it still looks ok.

We tried to avoid any statues in my photos and looked for Chinese New Year decorations to take photos of. I really like how the portrait mode of my iPhone 14 Pro captured the bokeh effect naturally. The quality of my photos has improved a lot, and I'm happy with the results.

Besides purchasing the mamianqun, I also buy this top, purple necklaces, and a purple hand fan to match my skirt. I'm quite satisfied because the accessories and everything fit so well together. I also wear dainty local dried flower handmade earrings as well. It's small and dainty hence it's not obvious from my photos.

Behind me is where family members can sit and wait for the marriage registration ceremony. The mamianqun that I wear is quite long because I am quite short only 155cm and gain a lot of weight as well. I did fold this skirt on my waist, this is my first time wearing this skirt I just tied it around my waist and fold up because it's quite long. Actually if have done some research, the way to tie mamianqun has a lot of ways and styles as well.

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To be honest, I really like the building decor around 陈氏书院. When I see a corner with a really nice and unique design, I will keep asking my husband to help me take photos.

The main entrance of 陈氏书院 is also very nice to take photos. Besides taking nice photos inside 陈氏书院, you need to also take photos outside as well. They have some nice and pretty corners as well. The heels I wear are also a new purchase to match this mamianqun, it is a very nice and simple white beige heels that can match a lot of outfits too.

My favorite corner is definitely this outside corner of 陈氏书院. They have these table seatings and a nice red big lantern that is perfect for taking photos this Chinese New Year. For my hairstyle I just simply clip up with a hair clip, surprisingly it looks quite nice and casual. I really liked my entire makeup look that day, and I was also quite happy because I just recovered from a face allergy.

This wall outside 陈氏书院 is also very nice to take photos! I like the purple necklaces that are quite nice and dainty. The quality of the purple necklaces is quite nice as well.

Lastly, we also managed to find this last corner just outside 陈氏书院, really nice to take photos as well! And the background with the Merdeka 188, must take photos as well. Besides bringing a traditional fan, I also bring this small lantern as photo decor. 

My first time trying mamianqun is considered a success and I really like all the photos that my husband took. Not sure if I want to buy more mamianqun again, but I really like the skirt and thinking if I should try out other colors with nicer embroidery patterns!

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Outfit Details
All from Taobao

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