My last CNY OOTD to update in my blog. Compared to my Christmas OOTD post I have lesser CNY OOTD haha! I have so many more Chinese New Year outfits that I don't have time to update my blog. But I posted most of it on my Instagram account already. I have posted more on my Instagram account for my #cnyootd look because I have a lot of nice outfits for this Chinese New Year. 
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This is my first trying out batik cheongsam and since we are here at Melaka. I wanted to do a shooting at Melaka River. Although I always come to Melaka, it's been a while since I visited Melaka River too. After we park nearby, we walk a small street and pass by some pretty old vintage buildings. We took a few OOTD photos as a warm-up.

I really like this building's decor with the old vintage print. I think it looks like the old Chinese kampung style home, the green and orange window is super nice ๐Ÿ’–

The shooting took place at around 5 pm when the sun was still scorching hot. I searched for some shade to take photos. The entire area of the Melaka River has numerous cafes nearby where you can come and enjoy some nice food beside the river.

While waiting for the sun to go down, we went to a nearby restaurant beside the river to eat. Later after the meal, we continue to stroll around the river and take photos. Ever since I changed to a better model of iPhone I have enjoyed taking photos using portrait mode and zoom-in mode which makes the photo look more nice and dreamy.

I really love this dress a lot! When it first launched at Instagram, I fell in love with the design. Although this is not the first print choice I want, I still really like it. I'm quite happy with my purchase. The print is still really pretty and looks sweet on me. Don't forget to mention that this dress has a pocket as well!

We went up the small link bridge to go across as well. I really like the background view of the river and the buildings along the river.

It’s been a while since I wore a sleeveless outfit and this dress has a halter neck design for the collar. But theirs is quite tight to our neck so it also shows out my collarbone and makes the look look more slim. In reality, I have fat flabby arms and armpit lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ 

At first, when I bought it, I also worried if the length of the dress would be too long for me. But it fits alright and I feel comfortable with the length as well. 

When I first received the parcel, it was just a piece of fabric folded nicely in the package. But when I wear it, the dress just looks so nice and perfect on me! The dress is very flowy and it flows down prettily with different folds of the fabric. I was really amazed by how pretty and lovely it turned out. I really like this dress so much!! 

This is my first time visiting this small valley! This area has a lot of small restaurants and the food looks really delicious, which I which to explore next time.

When is around evening time the sun is finally going down, we come back here to take some nicer ootd photos.  I think I wear a lot of pink and purple fits during this Chinese New Year. I also managed to try out a lot of styles that I really like. I have a pair of pink heels that I wanted to buy at first but by the time I want to buy the size ran out of stock. In the end, I go Shopee to shop for a new pair of pink heels.

For some of the close-up photos, I tied up my hair into a ponytail to match my Batik Cheongsam. Since the neck design of the cheongsam is quite bold, I wanted to keep the overall look clean and neat. Therefore, I used a nice, fluffy pink hair tie to tie up my hair completely.

End my post with the favorite photos I took with this Batik Cheongsam. Hope you like this long OOTD post that I blog to show you guys how much I really like this Batik Cheongsam!

Outfit Details
Batik Cheongsam |
Pink Heels | Shopee

Melaka River Walk
Kampung Bunga Paya Pantai, 75100 Malacca



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