Hola another blog post on photography tips! Today I will blog about how to take pretty and aesthetic photos at a bookstore, but first of course you need to find a big book store haha. For today's post, I visited BookXcess at KL East Mall, and have quite a lot of fun taking photos around this bookstore. They also have a lot of fun and interesting corners for me to take photos of too!

Zig Zag Pathway

In this post, I will share a lot of tips on finding different angles to shoot and take nice photos in BookXcess KL East Mall. This BookXcess has a special upper floor passage for you to go across, we went up the first nearest stairs to the entrance and I like how the zig-zag design of this passage creates a nice depth for you to take photos.

Actually, when I suggest taking photos through this passage, we totally don't have any idea on how we should shoot a nice photo. With limited lighting inside the BookXcess, my husband manage to shoot using his Xiaomi 11. Surprisingly he still finds a pretty good angle and takes all the photos along this zig-zag pathway. From the photo, I can see the zig-zag pathway and with me standing in the middle, the photo proportion is very nice oh!

We also try to explore other different angles but I think the ones that I post at the start of the blog posts are the best angles and shots! ๐Ÿคญ

View from walking down the stairs

Of course, if you are able to walk up to their white pathway you will have stairs to walk down as well. I like how this angle looks when you walk down the staircase, it leads you to this space with all the bookcase surrounds you. This angle is also fun to explore and take photos lar! Each of the corners of the staircase is different but so far this first one we encounter is nice enough for us to take some cool photos ๐Ÿ˜Š

My husband plays with few different types of shots, some close-up and also wide-angle shots. I think both different types of shots are quite fun and nice also! Both have different view perspectives, depends on which up to your liking.

I like how they utilize the space of the staircase by filling it up with more books. Nothing too fancy with these shots, by right sitting on staircase poses are usually more swag and cool, but in here I wanted to be more cutesy in general I think to pose also important to take note of, like base on where and when you need to know what poses are suitable to pose.

View from Top

The BookXcess at KL East Mall has this really cool top pathway for guests to go up and explore different corners of the bookstore. I also keep exploring the pathway and wanted to find the perfect top angle view photos to shoot, and here are some of the shots I asked my husband to shoot from the top.

It is not the perfect top angle to shoot but I would say this is the best angles and top view shot I manage to find. If you are not zooming in to shoot, you'll notice there's a lot of white empty space on the front part and the right part of the pictures. You could crop or take zoom-in shots to have a better proportionate of the photos or either continue to explore and find better spots to shoot ๐Ÿ˜‚

I think this is by far my favorite angles and shots in BookXcess KL East Mall. I like how I am surrounded by different angles of the bookcases and I can see more depths of the bookcases in the background as well. Just that on the right side there's this white pillar blocking hence you will see more white space on the right side of the photos I took. But I try to crop and rotate the angles as I sitting in the middle of the photos.

Peeping View

I think this is the famous peeping shots when you at a book store or even library ๐Ÿ˜‚ I almost forget we can try this here but you know la ha my mind just get inspo and idea when I'm exploring the book store. And if you feel that the area for a peeping angle shot is not nice or not suitable right, just continue to explore and change different corners ya, I think the perfect corner is you go find those in the L shape corner bookstore, then you ask your photographer go to opposite then start shooting. But it depends on which side of your face looks nicer, then you adjust and find the right corner accordingly.

I like all of the shots lah! Try to act naturally while you shoot because we call it peeping view and shots right, it's like the photographer sneakily take your photos. You just have to act like you didn't saw the camera or someone sneakily taking your photos ๐Ÿ˜‚ But I mean these are tips for you and your photographer, not for some stalker try to take photos of you ha!!! Next you just simply edit and filter then boom your photos will look like super got feel already.

Inframe Peeping View

I think this angle I also just let my husband freestyle explore and take photos, although I feel like eh why also same like previous one, by right I also forget that time what kind of style or feel I want him to take. But the shooting results still looking very pretty, hence I decided to post and share them here also.

A basic middle in-depth view

Lastly, I just wanted to take very simple and nice depth-view angle photos. My husband takes it until I look very fat here ๐Ÿ˜‚ but then since this is about photography tips, but I'll just share it anyway. 

Like literally I couldn't find any nice middle in-depth passage in BookXcess KL East Mall, or I just didn't search for it thoroughly?? Haha! Personally, there's also got one nice passage near to the cashier area, but then because is a must pass through passage right, it is always with people there. My husband says the one I share here has a nicer in-depth passage, hence we just quickly take few final shots before we left BookXcess.

BookXcess @ KL East Mall
Lot G1, 01A, 823, Jln Lingkaran Tengah 2, 
KL Timur, 53100 Kuala Lumpur

Hope you like this small sharing of me shooting at a Bookstore!!

Till Then.


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