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September has been my busy month because of work and traveling. I have been slow down on my social media and blog too, sometimes I just feel like I need a rest and break before I continue to blog and maintain my social media account. Hopefully this week I can get back to blog and IG, mean time also get some rest over the long weekend.

It's been a while since I blog about my weekend outfit post, today's post is about this orange dress that I bought recently from Taobao. It's my first time trying out a really bright outfit, and I am also addicted to orange accessories. But I haven't found any orange bags or accessories that I like.

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    This OOTD has been pending from my end for me to write and blog about it. I hope that I can spend more time blogging and maintaining my blog. But maintaining both IG and Blog can be quite tiring if I am at work. I supposedly blog about this during the weekend, but I do a lot of housework and just rest and chill most of the time.

This outfit post has been delayed for the longest time, I really like the top set that I wear and can't wait to share it on my Instagram. But too bad everything caught up and I have no time to blog about it too. I have been also abandoned my youtube channel for almost a month now. Hopefully, I can have 48 hours per day so that I can do all the things I want to do! I can't wait to share more photos that I took in this outfit 😊

Hola another blog post on photography tips! Today I will blog about how to take pretty and aesthetic photos at a bookstore, but first of course you need to find a big book store haha. For today's post, I visited BookXcess at KL East Mall, and have quite a lot of fun taking photos around this bookstore. They also have a lot of fun and interesting corners for me to take photos of too!