September has been my busy month because of work and traveling. I have been slow down on my social media and blog too, sometimes I just feel like I need a rest and break before I continue to blog and maintain my social media account. Hopefully this week I can get back to blog and IG, mean time also get some rest over the long weekend.

This is my first time wearing this long jeans skirt. Since I gained a lot of of weight this year, I have been searching for nice bottom wear to fit me πŸ˜‚ The skirt length also suits my height and I can wear it comfortably too. The front part has an open slit but it does not expose much and I can still sit comfortably.

Not sure if you are old readers or whatπŸ˜† I've been taking a lot of ootd looks in Book Xcess. This is like my 5th Book Xcess that I have been to for ootd looks. At this point, I don’t plan any outfit suitable for a bookstore look. I just wear it according to my mood. If I keep hold of what I must wear for every occasion, I will need to spend more effort, time, and money to do it.

I would prefer to wear more comfortably and also wear those clothes that I wore before πŸ‘πŸ» I still shop a lot but most of the time I will shop for clothes that I wear to work most of the time. 

You would have noticed my very HUGE COS Bag in large size. I already own three different shades of purple size COS bags. This size of the COS bag is the largest size of it all. The color of the purple shade is quite special as it is not pastel light purple which most people would like. It is in this purple color that we usually know it as.πŸ’œ

We took a lot of photos when we were here at The Gardens Book Xcess. The whole bookstore is not too spacious but it is designed with a lot of incline design, from the walkway staircase to the bridge link. 

It really makes use of the space to create a second level where customers can also enjoy more books and take more nice photos.

Some of the second-level angles that I find quite nice to take photos with the book cupboard behind. The second level is surrounded by glass wall fences but the height is not too high. 

Oh ya and I'm wearing this blue tube that barely fits me, and I wear this white half sweater on top of the tube. The tube comes in an elastic design but the front part of the design just keeps folded outside and I don't like it. But overall the top set I kind of like how I style it, not too sexy but still quite stylish! 

Close to the end of the slope from the second level. Try to act 文青 when you are in the bookstore. It's been a while since I have been reading a real book on hand too. I think is also when my life priority is different now, I focus on other things that I think are more important to me.

Ended my ootd post which some act cute pose that my husband took! 

Outfit Details
Outer | Taobao
Tube | Sisterdream Younique (Thai Daigou)
Skirt | Taobao
Bag | COS Store
Shoes | Nike

BookXcess The Rooftop
Mid Valley City, 58000 Kuala Lumpur



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