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September has been my busy month because of work and traveling. I have been slow down on my social media and blog too, sometimes I just feel like I need a rest and break before I continue to blog and maintain my social media account. Hopefully this week I can get back to blog and IG, mean time also get some rest over the long weekend.

It's been a while since I blog about my weekend outfit post, today's post is about this orange dress that I bought recently from Taobao. It's my first time trying out a really bright outfit, and I am also addicted to orange accessories. But I haven't found any orange bags or accessories that I like.

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eslite spectrum Kuala Lumpur, eslite’s first store in Southeast Asia, was unveiled today (15th December 2022) to local media. In addition to its renowned bookstore featuring a 60-meter statement wall of red brick arches and a vast book collection, the eslite writing boutique that resembles an urban speakeasy bar offering unique stationery items from 36 countries, and an impressive line-up choice at the gift-wrapping zone, there are also more than a thousand curated Taiwanese-designed goods, as well as world-class gourmet coffee brands and artists’ exhibitions. Book lovers can look forward to a charming late-night bookstore-browsing experience as the store will operate until 1am on its grand opening day on 17th December 2022.