eslite spectrum Kuala Lumpur, eslite’s first store in Southeast Asia, was unveiled today (15th December 2022) to local media. In addition to its renowned bookstore featuring a 60-meter statement wall of red brick arches and a vast book collection, the eslite writing boutique that resembles an urban speakeasy bar offering unique stationery items from 36 countries, and an impressive line-up choice at the gift-wrapping zone, there are also more than a thousand curated Taiwanese-designed goods, as well as world-class gourmet coffee brands and artists’ exhibitions. Book lovers can look forward to a charming late-night bookstore-browsing experience as the store will operate until 1am on its grand opening day on 17th December 2022.  

The main entrance of the eslite spectrum Kuala Lumpur. You will have to go up the escalator to start your eslite experience.

Exclusive physical store debut of Internet sensation brands

In addition to bringing in Taiwanese brands, eslite spectrum Kuala Lumpur has extended an exclusive invitation to 20 Malaysian brands to open their first physical stores at eslite’s new KL flagship outlet. One of the familiar names is JT Patisserie, a popular gourmet dessert brand in Penang, whose limited supply of sweet treats is freshly made every day. Also taking up the offer to be housed under eslite spectrum Kuala Lumpur’s roof are Spirit Animal Co, a traditional batik fashion brand; accessory designer Gung Jewellery; customized gift packaging services by WithLove.Co; organic fragrances brand BAM & CO; Uncle Jeff Drinks’ specialty kombucha; and healthy juices by J PIN, amongst others. eslite spectrum Kuala Lumpur is delighted to extend this invitation to support local businesses by enabling face-to-face customer experience. 

After you go up the escalator, you will be swamped with all the brands that you usually found online but now they have a special retail store corner at eslite spectrum Kuala Lumpur. For me, the Airspace store might be the hotspot for all the girls because this is their first-ever retail store located at eslite spectrum Kuala Lumpur. Besides that, you can also shop for a variety of clothing, accessories, makeup, and beauty products here too.

A 60-meter arched wall of red bricks stretches the length of the bookstore and a journey through four themed cities

Upholding eslite’s commitment to creating the “spirit of a place”, the interior of eslite spectrum Kuala Lumpur was meticulously designed by Taiwanese architect Powen Hsiao, who masterminded the space planning of the 2022 Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades Furniture Fair. For the eslite spectrum Kuala Lumpur, Hsiao drew inspiration from Italo Calvino’s famous work, Invisible Cities, developing the concept of exploration with four themed cities, namely the City of Arches, The Floating City, the City of Rippling Waves, and the City of Eternal Day. The City of Arches houses a huge multilingual book collection complete with eslite’s list of Recommended Reads curated by dedicated staff members. 

After the shopping corner, you will also be immersed in all the books inside the eslite bookstore section. 

They also have an area for the guest to sit and read books for the whole day. 

When I browse at the eslite bookstore section, I would really like to say that the varieties of the amount of the books they have are really interesting and good. Although they have more choices in Chinese and English books, they would like to explore more options for Malay readers as well. Book lovers will really enjoy the book varieties and ambiance in the eslite spectrum.

They also have an eslite children's section for the kids to choose and read all the kid’s stories and books. The area for the children’s reading corner is also quite spacious and colorful.

In the eslite spectrum, they also have a special corner for their best 100 books collection from Taiwan. If you have no idea what books to start, you can always come to their special selections of books. I think is the best way to start choosing and reading a book.

The other side of the eslite spectrum. There is another thing I find really interesting is the exit of the eslite spectrum. They have a few exits for guests to use an exit, and the exit escalator can easily access any part of Starhill gallery. If you want to access eslite, you can also access it from the available escalator in Starhill gallery.

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eslite stationery is where the guest shop and browse for stationeries.

They also provide wrapping services if you plan to shop and buy gifts for your friends and family at eslite spectrum.

This eslite writing boutique is a special corner selling all the writing inks. I think it is a really special corner to still see people will buy writing inks for writing and drawing on paper.

Another corner for eslite readers selection on their favorite books.

If you are an eslite member, you can come here for point redemption. I just realized that I did not show any cashier counter in my post, but there are a few cashiers located at eslite spectrum where guests can check out easily if they are purchasing anything in eslite spectrum.

Famed Asian artist Jimmy Liao's first-ever exhibition in Malaysia

eslite spectrum Kuala Lumpur will also house 40 original paintings, 3 prints, and 2 massive sculptures by Jimmy Liao, who is fresh off his success from touring exhibitions in Taipei, Hong Kong, and Suzhou. Jimmy is continuing his association with eslite by teaming up with them to present his first-ever exhibition in Malaysia, which will be on display from the grand opening day until February 2023. 

A celebrated illustrator and storyteller, Jimmy is known for his creative images, concise text, and delicate drawing that stir the soul, much the way literature does. “Rabbits”, “flight”, and “hugs” are some of the subjects and themes he frequently uses to share comforting, positive energy, as seen in his works such as "All of my World is You” and “Singing Jimmy”. Illustrated characters are also vividly presented as massive head-butting sculptures in distorted proportions, manifesting the artist’s unique vision and unconstrained imagination. 

Jimmy's works have garnered a passionate following the world over and he has been recognized as one of the "Fifty-Five Most Creative People in Asia" by the Japanese magazine "Studio Voice". He is also an award recipient of Belgium’s Le Prix Bernard Versele and a multiple-time finalist of the world-renowned Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award for literary achievement. 


This is the first-ever exhibition of Jimmy Liao’s creative work featuring, among others, head-butting sculptures of his illustrated characters in the distorted proportion that demonstrate the artist’s unique vision and unconstrained imagination.

It’s my first time ever to see jimmy's painting. To be honest I really enjoy and find calm when I first see his drawing on the walls. He definitely has a special talent for his special drawing that has captured many people around the world.

Lovely rabbit sculpture for the year 2023.

Thousands of curated goods showcase Taiwan’s most creative products.

Specially selected to showcase a uniquely indigenous look and feel, thousands of quality made-in-Taiwan products will be made available at eslite spectrum Kuala Lumpur. 

Taiwanese jewelry artist Lin Shiao Tung, known for designing honor pins for the winners of the prestigious Golden Horse Awards, is introducing his creations to Malaysia for the first time. Lin’s work is globally acclaimed, and he has been honored at the Gold Virtuosi International Jewellery Design Awards in Italy. Noted for his East-meets-West aesthetic, Lin’s jewelry pieces are subtle, everyday accessories. His classic range of jade pieces bears blessings of peace and happiness, infusing the jewelry with a sense of warmth and cultural bonds. Lin’s creations have also been featured on Trendvision’s “Trendbook 2022+ & 2024+”, pioneering new heights for Chinese jewelry designers on the global stage.

For discerning makeup enthusiasts, eslite spectrum Kuala Lumpur brings you the LSY collection of professional make-up brushes, which originates from a brand founded in 1917. The century-old craftsmanship, with its roots in ink-brush making, has evolved into acclaimed skin-friendly products for professional, impeccable make-up. 

You will also find a comprehensive range of lifestyle items, creative creations, handicrafts, and beauty products by over 150 Taiwanese emerging brands in the eslite spectrum expo SELECT which is making its debut in Southeast Asia with offerings sourced from popular Taiwanese destinations such as Hualien, Tainan, and Kinmen. 

Taiwan’s champion coffee brand and specialty espresso café to make its exclusive debut in Malaysia eslite spectrum Kuala Lumpur will house Come True Coffee which was founded by three world-class champion baristas. Hailing from Taiwan, this celebrated coffee brand is the proud winner of the Belgian iTQi Superior Taste Award. In pursuit of sustainability, Come True Coffee commits 50% of its profits to fund African farmers’ irrigation well projects, and training young people to become professional coffee roasters. Here in Malaysia, the brand will be sourcing local ingredients and incorporating them into its menu to offer a delightful Nanyang twist. 

The food and coffee we had during the media event. Although the food is bland and healthy but the sauce is really appetizing and delicious. It was really surprising like when we first see is not really appetizing but we finish up the sauce and our meal.

Not forget to highlight their coffee which is really fragrant and nice. I can’t wait to be back here to enjoy their souffle and coffee.

Among the global brands being introduced at eslite spectrum, Kuala Lumpur is the award-winning Come True Coffee, which is a celebrated Taiwanese brand founded by three world-class champion baristas. 


There are also outside seating where guest can enjoy the view of pavilion KL across. I really like this view and seating here because the photos we took are so pretty 😍 

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 Malaysian home-grown brand THE MESSENGERS by JWC, known for its dedication to nurturing coffee professionals and bartenders, will also be offering champion-level latte art on a selection of beverages. With these options, coffee aficionados should be making a beeline to eslite spectrum Kuala Lumpur for brews with their books.

We didn’t order nor try their coffee, but they have some specialty bakuteh cocktail which is very interesting to try out.

Meanwhile, popular Korean coffee brand Bean Brothers are opening its specialty café, the Espresso Bar, in eslite spectrum Kuala Lumpur, marking its debut in the capital city. The brand’s signature decor and ambiance will now be enjoyed with an amazing experience of Italian espresso and latte art.

Popular Korean coffee brand Bean Brothers is making its specialty café debut at eslite spectrum Kuala Lumpur; at The Espresso Bar, the brand’s signature decor and ambiance can now be enjoyed with an amazing experience of Italian espresso and latte art.

Guests can see the ground floor of Starhill gallery from here.

30 curated arts and cultural events in its first month

More than books, eslite is also a space for arts and cultural activities. Every year, the brand organizes over 5,000 events and performances worldwide. During the opening month of eslite spectrum Kuala Lumpur, visitors can expect more than 30 arts and cultural experiences, with the most anticipated being the Sleepless Saturday when the bookstore will operate until 1am.

 Among the well-known names making a special appearance at this event are famed Chinese singer Victor Wong, Singapore Literature Prize and Golden Point Award winner Chow Teck Seng, Taiwan-based Malaysian poet and scholar Sen Kim Soon, Taiwanese publisher Hung-Tze, Jan, writer Betty Wu, influencer-entrepreneur Wei Ye, and Malaysia's first astronaut Dato' Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, among others. The audience will be treated to a late-night music concert combined with a literary event, like no other. 

More than books, eslite is also an art and cultural space for a diversified reading experience. Annually, the brand organizes over 5,000 events and performances worldwide. For the grand opening of eslite spectrum Kuala Lumpur, more than 30 such arts and cultural experiences have been lined up during the opening month. 

Big spacious seating for guests to sit and enjoy activities or performances at the elite spectrum.

Check out all the eslite spectrum Kuala Lumpur Grand Opening Promotions.

Grand Opening Lucky Draw: Sign up as an eslite member and spend an accumulated RM 100 on a single day during the Grand Opening period (15th December 2022 until 29th January 2023) to qualify for a chance to win 1 pair of Kuala Lumpur-Taipei round-trip tickets with STARLUX Airlines; one-night stay in The Ritz-Carlton Suite and Club Executive Deluxe room of The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur; one-night stay in the Junior Suite and Club Executive room of the JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur; and RM1,000.00 worth of book vouchers, etc. (For more information, please visit:

Grand Opening Deals:
  • 12/16-12/18 (First 3 days): RM 20.00 e-voucher for a single transaction of RM 100.00
  • 12/19-12/26: RM 10.00 e-voucher for a single transaction of RM 100.00
  • Receive a limited-edition folder for accumulated purchases store-wide above RM 100.00 on a single day.
  • Receive a limited-edition notebook for accumulated purchases store-wide above RM 500.00 on a single day.
  • Receive a pair of grand opening commemorative mugs for accumulated purchases store-wide above RM 800.00 on a single day. 
  • Receive a limited-edition co-branded Mondaine Helvetica Swiss watch for accumulated purchases store-wide above RM 7,000.00 on a single day. 

  • eslite book fair: 12% off for the purchase of any two books
  • eslite children and thematic book fair “Prologue: Read”: 12% off for the purchase of any two books

Overall the experience at eslite spectrum is amazing!! I would definitely come here again for the shopping, reading, and coffee experience with my friends. I think the weekend crowds will be quite crowded due to the new opening.

eslite spectrum Kuala Lumpur The Starhill
181, Bukit Bintang St, Bukit Bintang, 
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Till then.

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