Hi guys, finally I'm able to update my birthday post now. I will be separate my birthday post to 2 part because they are just too many happy things to share. I have write my birthday thoughts on my previous birthday post with church member. This post will be my birthday lunch at this special place. It's my first time here, and this place is amazing. I really can't describe how amazing it is because it is a different view when you see it with your own eyes and from photos. 

I am working on my birthday and have to rush to here at On City, Skypark. I have no idea where my baby will bring me to. But when I saw the signboard and I know! haha! We reach there around 1pm with slight jam and there are always many cars on Saturday. I hate Saturdays cars~~~ haha I quickly get change and do my make up in the toilet lol. I some more bring dress to wear because I never know where he gonna bring me ma. But luckily I got this cute outfit from Twenty3. I will post some of the outfit on the next post.

I never know that my baby decide to bring me have delicious lunch. When I first saw this cafe, it really catch my attention - Charlie Chaplin Cafe. We went straight to upstairs seat because wanted to have some quite time together. But there are construction going on and it was noisy. We decided to have our sweet lunch at downstairs. Before we went downstairs, we take some nice photo there! The interior design here is just too awesome for not to take photo with it xD

Huge antique clock.

I love this oldies mic from 60's. Do I look like a singer from 60's xD wahaha Got feel or not?

They have Charlie Chaplin painting on the wall where the customer sit.

Sorry for the low quality of the photo because taken using my note 3 under dim light.

The paintings and this vintage light I like!!

Vintage teapot.

There are these black umbrella on the ceiling.

The wine and coffee bar.

Selfie with my Mocha.

With my baby.

Trying to selfie with the wine bottle behind the shelf.

Our Pasta. Pasta Forest mushroom & herbs. RM20++ Italian pasta with cube chicken, flavor sauce in rich cream and herbs. I love this pasta alot!! When they serve this, you can smell the mushroom cream sauce. Make us hungry and the taste is very nice! Usually I less order pasta to eat, because I scare is either too creamy or too salty. But the cream was alright, very satisfied and very full after eating this pasta.

Our Charlie Chaplin Specialty Pizza. RM30+ Made by their special home made minced beef sauce with 100% Mozzarella sauce topped onto charcoal base. Too cheesy for me but my baby say is alright. The topping basically is a sauce and taste was appetizing. But what I love is the charcoal base they have, is so crunchy and thin! Its suitable for 3 person I think, because is a bit too much for us since we have eaten some pasta already.



Will start of with many many vintage stuff.

There are some TV play the Charlie Chaplin comedy show.

Before we left, a photo with a big Charlie Chaplin photo.

You will saw this big poster of Charlie Chaplin when you walk pass this cafe.

A nice place to chill and spend relaxing afternoon tea time. Their dessert and coffee and highly recommended. I will blog about Sky Park on the 10th floor and how amazing the view there on my next blog post. Stay tuned guys, till then.

Charlie Chaplin Cafe

OneCity, Jalan USJ 25/1, 47650 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan

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