Finally able to blog about my birthday glamping on my birthday this year. Been really lazy to blog about anything recently due to a hectic lifestyle lately. But this birthday glamping is something that I have been really enjoying and excited about. This is also my first glamping hence I want to share my experience here in my blog.

During the 2 days, 1-night stay in this Glamping Wetland Putrajaya, we took many photos together. Hence I will spam a lot of photos in this post about the birthday fun staycation that I and my friends had. Before I was here, my friends help decorate this small corner for my birthday. I am really thankful for the all love I receive from them.

Some of my own selfies at our glamping tent. This cute small cake is very cute where I request to just have a small bento birthday cake for my birthday. In this glamping, they did not provide any small fridge in the room for keepsakes. But each of the glamping tents comes with air-conditioning and it is quite cold inside the tent, after we take enough photos with the cake, we left the cake in the room and enjoy it after at night.

Can you guess what is our color theme for the day? It is quite hard to guess because of the filter I edit for the photos. The tent lighting is quite warm hence all the photos we took inside the tent look orangey and after I edit back the tone. It turns out the color of our outfit also looks different ๐Ÿ˜‚

Love all our fun group selfies together. We can be really funny when all three of us are together haha.

I just can't stop myself to take any mirror selfies when I saw a mirror ๐Ÿ˜

We called this a birds nest when we saw this on the other side of the glamping site. This glamping site will not bore you, because it has so many activities that you can enjoy here with your friends.

Record some nice moments together.

The first day when we reach here at around 4-5pm. We basically just take a lot of photos around the glamping site. Trying to be more glamping style but fail, I love this green top that I got from Shoploooh. This green top is really versatile and can be worn as an outer or a normal button top. I don't have any bright green tops, and I was really attracted to this color when I first saw this launch at Shoploooh.

I bring along this cute Gentle Woman Puff bag which is also a gift from my twin bestie! This bag is really so cute and puff. The only downside is this bag does not have any strap which can only hold by hand. I always prefer a bag that comes with a sling which is more convenient to carry. This bag also doesn't have a zip closer so you need to also be careful when you put important things inside the bag. But since I'm here only in Glamping Wetland Putrajaya, hence I just bring along this bag to match my ootd of the day.

The glamping site looks more pretty and feels when the night light is on. Love it!!

Time to enjoy the night and eat the cake away!

Take a lot of photos with the balloons and my birthday cake. The small bento cake is from the tiny bakery. The sponge cake is quite fluff and tastes not too sweet. Its matcha and red bean flavor is what I recalled ๐Ÿ˜š

I'm really happy and thankful for this cute bunch of friends of mine!!

How can glamping without a firepit? Manage to take some lovely photos with the firepit.

We also bring our own marshmallows to bbq around the firepit. Too bad they did not provide any own kit for more bbq moments, but of course with the firepit around, you can always do your own bbq moment around this firepit.

On day 2 of our glamping adventure, we pay for our first ATV experience at Glamping Wetland Putrajaya. There are two types of ATV experience that you can try here, one is for kids and another one is for adults. We go for the adult one and it is RM100/per pax. 

I do feel proud of myself because I didn't drive since I got my license. I'm really happy that I can drive this big ATV around the mountainside. But the way I drove is quite slow and more careful since this is a big vehicle I was so afraid that I might cause accidents when I drove this. Although my hand did feel sore after driving this ATV the next day.

But the experience of driving this ATV is really very fun! I never really thought of I can drive this by myself. I almost gave up when I first saw this big ATV and how the other group friends all drive 2 in a group, but each of us drove one big ATV. The weather is a bit gloomy when we drive up to the hill, with drizzling rain but still couldn't stop us from having fun.

Some of our last fun photos together in this short birthday glamping. Thanks again to my friends who are willing to come here with me and celebrate my birthday this year together. Next, I will show some of the facilities photos we took at Glamping Wetland Putrajaya.

The door we come in when we reach Glamping Wetland Putrajaya.

They also have this small vending machine near the door entrance. They sell some necessities like USB cables because each of the tents also has its own provided plug cable with a normal plug port and also a USB port.

Here is the buffet time at Glamping Wetland Putrajaya, they have a total of 4 meals to enjoy per day, breakfast, lunch, hi-tea, and dinner. Since all the meals are in the buffet, hence you can eat as much as you want.

The buffet meal station is very spacious hence you don't need to worry about where the space is small.

The hi-tea food that we eat when we first day. Since we can enjoy all four meals during the day, you won't feel hungry there at all. The food there is also quite nice, although the food there is all Malay style the taste is not too bad and taste quite good.

Our tent is the first tent near the main food hall. Hence it is very easy to access, and near to all the facilities such as the toilet, cafeteria, etc.

All the beautiful greenery nearby the glamping site. On the right side is actually a big lake, but due to the hot weather, the lake dries up and became dry land. They also have kayaking activities but due to the lake not having enough lake water, the activities got canceled.

The campsite tent around the campsite Glamping Wetland Putrajaya.

All the bbq food that they cook, and we no need to cook the bbq food ourselves.

For our dinner, we have a buffet bbq, and as usual, the food is really yummy and delicious. I really like their lamb bbq.


Some of the facilities are for the guests to play and enjoy some of their free time at Glamping Wetland Putrajaya. There's the trampoline, badminton area, and also archery. There are also bicycles to rent and to cycle around the glamping site.

The toilet area of the Glamping Wetland Putrajaya. The toilet is very big and spacious, most importantly it is very clean. They have a lot of shower rooms, which are separated into areas with hot water, and another side with normal cold water. When we are here to shower, we manage to rush to the shower room with hot water.

Night firepot nearby our tent.

At night, there are also a lot of small lights on and making the whole glamping site looks very romantic. I really enjoy the night ambiance of this Glamping Wetland Putrajaya. On every weekend night, there's also a fire show at the glamping site. I would say that the glamping site fire show is really very nice and fun to watch.

The total pax that we pay for the weekend 2 days 1 night at Glamping Wetland Putrajaya is RM188/pax for 4 people glamping tent. We also pay additional for bicycle rental and ATV activities. It's up to you whether to decide to enjoy these two activities. But since you are here, so why not ๐Ÿ˜‡

Here are my birthday reels that I created after the staycation.

Glamping @ Wetland Putrajaya
XM9R+VW, Presint 13, 62300 Putrajaya

Till Then.

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