Shall continue my birthday dinner post at One City, Skypark. We been here the whole day, and there's even have cinema here so if you live nearby you can always come skypark for some movie and chilling place. After lunch, baby prepare a massage session for me to let me rest and relax my body. It was a super relaxing and surprisingly healthy massage about all our body ache. I learnt a lot and the massage is awesome just that the venue is a bit far for me, sigh.

We ended our massage session at 6pm and we decide went for 10th floor for some nice view. The view is very nice and windy. Too bad the sky is fill with hazy weather that day and can't really see the sky clearly. Each view from the corner is different, and you can see everyone there is busy taking photos of the view with friends and lover, lolol. So do we! Here come my photos~weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Is me!

Katherine Dress from Twenty3
White heels from Candice Dressing

Take some OOTD photos here too! Nowadays really love mint color a lot, Is close to pastel and I'm loving it!! I'm wearing this white platform heels from Candice dressing. The heels is very comfy and stable too!  The size of the dress I choose S and didn't notice that the cutting is very big, so I'm wearing it quite loose also la. There's a secret hiding under this cute dress that is short pants underneath my dress! The one reason I buy this dress because of this short design inside. So convenient and easy to wear.

I was freak out because I am afraid of heights. I don't dare to stand too long and standing there alone.

The other side of Skypark.

Imma a brave girl.

Selfies like nobody business.

Sorry for the sweet sweet photo of us! haha But is normal lol, because you will be seeing alot of couple and other people taking selfies with the view at SkyPark. Apparently the view that we took so much selfie is the best view lol, and so we decided to find a restaurant to dine in and enjoy the view.

Me and the beautiful sunset view from this restaurant! We choose Inaho Japanese Restaurant to dine in. At first because we were all sweaty after the walk at the Skypark and at first we were choosing to sit inside in air-conditioning space. But I say it since we are here for the awesome view let's just enjoy our sushi while watching the sunset!

Salmon Skin. Yummy and crunchy!!

Juicy and Fresh!

It's quite a special experience because I can enjoy my favorite sushi while enjoying the sunset and the sky turn dark.

Sukiyaki that is too salty! But the dish was still okay.

The layer of my Salmon sushi.

After dinner, we continue to walk and step into here. It was way too scary than when the sky is still bright! WTH~ Since the shopping light is on and you can see so clearly what's going on below you. It's 10th floor btw.

I just manage to stand the edge of the view and quickly snap my shoes photo with my darling. The other photos was took by my darling. I really impress because some of people who dare to sit and lay on the glass and take photos of them with the glass, lolol! Impressive!!

Night highway view.

Ended our night waiting for 45 minutes for the super lame proposal I ever know, lolol. Then I told my baby that don't ever propose me at some public place where all the strangers eye are watching. It will be good to have it private and sweet proposal then will do. LOL 

Can't believe that my birthday is going ended so soon because everything is too memorable and wonderful that I don't want it to end so early. It's been a wonderful day spending with my darling boy. I haven't mention my age heh, its 23 this year! OMG, can't believe time passes so fast. It's my 3rd year celebration with my baby. I never wish for a very very nice birthday celebration or birthday but is a Big Heart who love how Small my Heart is. I love you and thank you for this wonderful celebration date.


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