Finally, I have time to blog about this special 30th Birthday that I celebrated on 28th June. It keeps stuck in my mind that I have been planning to blog about but I just don’t have the time. Recently work has really stressed me out, and this pandemic where we can’t go out house also added to my anxiety level haha! Feeling too exhausted from everything seriously and hope to blog here can calm my mood.

Maybe age is just a number but to me even though staying home for the celebration but I have also been planning my 30th birthday for sometimes haha. You know even you are at home it just never stops me from planning all these 生活中不能少了仪式感. From my outfit to decorations, flowers, and cakes. You must be thinking why should I plan my own decor and cakes. Because I want to ensure that it is the theme and feels that I want. And you only celebrate your 30th Birthday once 😂

Since I’m such a purple lover, my birthday theme of course in purple color as well. I did struggle on what color I want to match and where should I put up the Birthday word decor 😅 Overall my house is all nudes, white and grey shades, very neutral tone.

Finally, I decide to choose the bedroom, purple and white is the best match haha! After I decide on the color theme I want, I start to shop at Shopee to find ‘Happy Birthday’ Purple Word, and also ‘30’ words too. You wouldn’t believe how early I preparing this hahaha. I think I bought it at end of May and received it start of June 😝 Besides that I also buy a new white bed sheet to match the theme. 

If you wondering how I pump all the words, I’m just using very simple pumping tools. Just make sure the pump is inserted in the correct place and you can easily pump up all the balloons. Like seriously I thought that it wouldn’t work because the starting part is so difficult 😥 but once you start to get the tips on how it works, we spend less than an hour to finish pump everything. And omg the 30 word is so huge which I didn’t know is that big but I still liking it because it is huge and easy to take photos with hahaha!

In case you are curious about my flower and cake, it is from the same IG cake shop!! I also spend some time doing some research, as I feel that my nearby area doesn’t have any nice cake or florist shop. Plus the delivery fee is not cheap ok!! When I found this IG shop that does flower bouquets and also cakes, immediately I ordered from them. Also, they are located near to me too, in the Gombak area. 

As I start to get ready for photos and all, I received more cakes and desserts from my lovely friends and colleagues 😊 Added up I have so many desserts to snack on haha. Luckily also I didn’t order a huge big cake also since only both of us were at home. I think all of the desserts are so delicious 🤤 Thanks for all the love from everyone who sends all the cakes and gifts.

Oops, and of course my lovely hubby who always stays supportive in everything that I do regardless of work and doing things I like. Luckily we manage to take photos together 😂 and turns on the photos looking so lovey-dovey hehe.

At first when I see my flowers I feel are not as pretty as I thought 😂 I literally just set a budget for them and color theme, and let them design the bouquet themselves. You know is hard to decide on what type of flowers you want and if you set then you are out of budget. But when looking through the photos here, I’m so glad that I ordered for myself and for photo taking. It just give the extra hint of feeling princessey with this huge flower bouquet and that’s the exact feel that I plan to bring out.

About the cake is the same as the flower IG shop, I choose a more artsy and simple design. It is quite famous in Korea where the design is simple and yet looks cute also. The cake is so fluffy and it is filled with blueberry and chocolate foam cake. And omg I lost the pastel blue candles and have to find some other candles to put on and for me to blow my birthday cake. 3 candles meaning my new 30 years old start that day!

All the lovely cakes and flowers by my lovely friends and colleagues.

Can you guess? The cake on the left is actually a birthday candle cake which I will never ever light up because it is too darn cute hahaha 😍 Close look of my birthday cake on the right, simple and minimal design that comes in 4" inch size.

Add on the last dessert I got! I got it so last minute after I did my shooting, so just included it during my crab dinner party. Although I plan everything nicely, I couldn't decide what to eat on that day 😓 My husband suggest ordering crab and that's how I ended my 30th Birthday party at home with my forever love.

Simple setup for my dinner and blowing candle ceremony 😆 and opps I really like the '30' word hahaha, is huge and it just looks pretty no matter how I put it. 

Forget mentioned I also order these two bouquets of helium balloons haha. Although I feel that I can decor, pump the word myself, but I still feel something missing. Hence I decided to get some helium balloons for myself as well.  Just to make my decorations look more layered and prettier haha!

Lastly, I just want to shout out to my prettier tulle dress that I also bought quite earlier from Taobao. Like my first plan is to get some princess dresses, and I was quite overwhelmed by all the choices in Taobao. I also couldn't decide on the color and style I want. Because I am slightly fat for the lower part of my body, so if I would have to get those 蓬蓬公主裙 I will have look like pregnant haha (which I am not) But with just sitting and the dress looks extra cutesy and pretty lol! 💜💜and of course, I also bought a new pair of white heels for this dress. Because if I would have to wear it out, this dress is very fluffy and quite long for my height 😂 

That's all for my 30th Birthday post. Age is just a number, hope that I have a great year ahead of me! Hopefully, we can be free from covid soon too.

Room Decor
(It looks sucks and crumply when u first receive but after it blew up it is so freaking nice!!)
(The set also comes in double-sided dots tap for balloons)
(Luckily we bought extra because is really hard to stick the words balloon nicely on the wall)
( I feel that the quality of their balloons was not that great slightly thinner)
( Didn't use it because messy, I first bought it because scare that my decor on the bed might look boring but luckily I have more desserts and gifts)

Cakes and Flowers

Their ready-set balloon bouquet is cheap and worth it!

Dress from Taobao 

Till Then.

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