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Sometimes I don’t always blog about all the outfits that I wear, but I think it is good to record down as memories and nice to look back on. This year Valentine's at Kluang is also something I think is worth recording because we hardly make it here 😉This year Valentine's clashes with Chinese New Year.

I love all the self-shoot photos that I shoot during my birthday in June. I also want to blog about it for a memory keepsake so that I can look at it when time passes. Although this year's birthday theme is quite random I have no idea what to do and expect. I quickly browsed some birthday shoot themes and shopped for some props for this self-shoot. 

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This year I chose to celebrate my birthday at Blackbyrd KL, which I have wanted to go to. This is a lovely restaurant where you can see a nice KLCC view from the restaurant.

Overdue updating my blog once again, really busy catching up on work, and taking up 3 roles at a time is kinda challenging and stressful. I also encounter emotional breakdowns due to putting too much pressure on myself. Somehow I need to adjust my mindset in dealing with stuff at work and get back stronger in handling all the work-related matters again.

I hope I can continue to pursue my interests such as blogging, sharing outfit of the day (OOTD) posts, and showcasing beautiful places on my social media accounts.