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Sometimes I don’t always blog about all the outfits that I wear, but I think it is good to record down as memories and nice to look back on. This year Valentine's at Kluang is also something I think is worth recording because we hardly make it here ๐Ÿ˜‰This year Valentine's clashes with Chinese New Year.

This year 2021 Valentine is fallen on day 3 of the Chinese New Year. It's fall on Sunday and it's the best day to celebrate this love celebration with your loved ones. For the first 2 days of Chinese New Year, I didn't head out as well and only went out on day 3 of CNY due to Valentine's celebration. Since MCO 2.0 start all the restaurant has been close, and it's open back just before CNY, thanks to my husband he manages to book a nice place for this Valentine's celebration.

Hey, lovelies today will blog about these two cakes that I receive from Sweet Passion Premium Cake. Perfect for this MCO seasons where we can't meet up and celebrate this festival together. You can order a Chinese New Year or Valentine's cake, deliver it to your house and celebrate with your loved one. Have some sweet desserts in life ❤️

It is important to take care of our feminine hygiene when we hit our puberty. Can't decide on which brand of feminine hygiene to go for? For this Valentine’s Day, Lactacyd, No.1 Feminine wash worldwide, decided to takes a step to beat the norm, encouraging women from all walks of life to love themselves first by making better and healthier choices under the campaign themed ‘Be The Best You on V Day’.

Time to share my Valentines looks and celebration. Valentines has been special for me since I have been proposed on that day. Although we are not the kind fancy couples who always think of big celebration on a special occasion, but able to be with each other has been a great blessing to me. For this year Valentines, I opt for my favorite purple color for this celebration. I love love the color combo for today look too! Read more to see the full look of my Valentines look.

I believe that everyone deserves to be loved and also to receive gifts and present from your loved ones! Although Christmas festive season has passed, Valentines is coming in just less than 1 month! I bet every year all the couple will be having a headache and start to think about the gifts that they are going to give to your another half.

In today post, I will blog about this 18K Gold Jewelries from Aurora Italia. Aurora Italia is a premium jewelry brand that specializes in hand finished jewelry made of high purity gold. They have a wide range of charms and accessories. Not only that it was curated for ladies, but there are also charms that guy is suitable for! So just read on and see all the beautiful charms and design from Aurora Italia.
Hi guys, if you have been following my page or any social media you will have know about this Good News. Super grateful for all the wishes from my friends. I know some of my friends was quite surprise about it but I feel the same way also! haha I didn't even prepare for this!

Not that we didn't discuss about it, yes we did on and off we mention it before. My plan was to be the 5th year we been together meaning it will be next year. So for the proposal during Valentines it was never has I been imagine of. Since it been a while since I didn't receive any surprises from my boyfriend. When I ask him about the celebration for this year Valentines, he just tell me to be CHILL LA BRO kind of attitude.

Soooooo I didn't expect this PROPOSAL at all!!

Since my lover love this photo the most! So I gonna post it as my first image in this post.

Here's 3 looks of my Valentine's Looks. How do you celebrate you Valentine's Day with your loves one? Valentine's Day is a day of romance, celebration and love. Although Valentine's Day had passed, But if you love and be with the right person in your life, everyday could be just Valentine's! Yeah!? 

Nevertheless, for those who are still single out there. Remember to love and pamper yourself because when you meet the next one in life, you will be prepared for it.

Valentine's is full of pink, red, roses, presents, cards, teddy bears, romantics and many more. Here I am gonna bring put 3 looks for Valentines. I will wear the same red top but with different bottom in this 3 looks.

Start with the first look with my selfie photo. In this 3 looks I have try a new lipstick from Maybeline Color Show. The color is Red My Lips. Is my first red lipstick, at first I was afraid that my skin color does not suit with the lipstick.