Here's 3 looks of my Valentine's Looks. How do you celebrate you Valentine's Day with your loves one? Valentine's Day is a day of romance, celebration and love. Although Valentine's Day had passed, But if you love and be with the right person in your life, everyday could be just Valentine's! Yeah!? 

Nevertheless, for those who are still single out there. Remember to love and pamper yourself because when you meet the next one in life, you will be prepared for it.

Valentine's is full of pink, red, roses, presents, cards, teddy bears, romantics and many more. Here I am gonna bring put 3 looks for Valentines. I will wear the same red top but with different bottom in this 3 looks.

Start with the first look with my selfie photo. In this 3 looks I have try a new lipstick from Maybeline Color Show. The color is Red My Lips. Is my first red lipstick, at first I was afraid that my skin color does not suit with the lipstick.

Turns out the color was really nice and sexy.

In the first look, I wear the top with the black thigh leggings. I love the leggings, the material is like the fake PU leather but is very high quality and inside cloth is the light fur material. So is a very warm outfit for winter.

The top design hole is just right the sexiest clavicle bone of girls. The top is actually in maroon red color.

The pants was slightly high waist and quite stretchy. I love how comfortable the pants and the material after I wore it.

Look 1
Maroon Knit Top from Tokyo Fashion(Daigou65)
Fake Pu Leather Leggings from  Tokyo Fashion(Daigou65)

After I cut short my hair, it is really convenient to tie in 2 ponytail. When I just tied it I feel like I am back to school and feel YOUNG again.

I just pair it with another vintage thin frame glasses from Vivibunnie(instagram). My first time in this look and glasses. So now I am the innocent girl next door look, lol.

The second look I pair it with a super Vintage Maxi Skirt Jeans that I always wanted to have it. I literally love the look, so nerdy and cute look.

The details of the jeans was so precise and jeans can just pair with any top. It was really easy to match and looking really vintage too.

My new pair of slip on sneaker. It was black and the design was funky yet casual.

I love this black slip on that I buy together with the vintage round glasses. Insole was made with soft fur that is very comfortable and is comes with high quality and normal size.

My Vintage round glasses. 

Look 2
Maroon Knit Top from Tokyo Fashion(Daigou65)
Maxi Jeans Skirt from  Tokyo Fashion(Daigou65)
Black Slip on Sneakers from Vivibunnie(instagram)
Vintage round Glasses from Vivibunnie(instagram)

The 3rd look will be the princess and more girl look. Without Bangs and with a super cute pink ribbon.

I choose to pair it with white Tutu Skirt that I bought it few years back. Am searching for another tutu skirt, feel likes going for black or perhaps any nice color that are easy match with a tutu skirt?

Everything is white below, with Twenty Gudu Heels in white. Since my top was already in red, just pair it with something soft color that will balance out the whole girly and princess look for Valentines.

My pretty Selfie.

What I most love about this heels, is their heels that comes with crystal design that I always love. Although I have been decide whether to buy or not, but I finally bought it and it becomes my new favorite heels for this Chinese New Year.

Overall design of the shoe.

Look 3
Maroon Knit Top from Tokyo Fashion(Daigou65)
White Tutu Midi Skirt from  Lilac Paris (Facebook)
Gudu Heels from Twenty3

End my post with this super funny photo of me. Not sure what I am doing that time.

Hope you guys like my Valentines Outfit post. Give a thumbs like if you like my post. Till then.



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