I believe that everyone deserves to be loved and also to receive gifts and present from your loved ones! Although Christmas festive season has passed, Valentines is coming in just less than 1 month! I bet every year all the couple will be having a headache and start to think about the gifts that they are going to give to your another half.

In today post, I will blog about this 18K Gold Jewelries from Aurora Italia. Aurora Italia is a premium jewelry brand that specializes in hand finished jewelry made of high purity gold. They have a wide range of charms and accessories. Not only that it was curated for ladies, but there are also charms that guy is suitable for! So just read on and see all the beautiful charms and design from Aurora Italia.

Unlike other jewelry with only 925 Silver, Aurora Italia is all made of 18K Gold. That is worth the investment, you can even trade in at Aurora Italia too! Don't forget that Gold is a very worthy investment as it will increase in years and valuable for collection as well. Now Aurora Italia has earned my love and become my new favorite too.

When you look at these beautiful and varieties design of the charms. It was really hard not to fall in love with them. Each charm is infusing with the refined workmanship and each comes in sophisticated designs, it portraits the embodiment of ultimate elegance, comfort, and dazzling style of each of the charms.

Aeroplane, Big Clock, and Train are some of the charms that you can choose for guys. Although gold charms is a bit fancy for guys, nevertheless it was worth the investment and for keeping purpose too. You can also put on as necklaces and match with leather bracelet too!

Love Charms perfect for Valentine's gift ideas! Each of the decorated with shiny Zirconia stones. Which makes the gold charms so shine and elegant.

If you happen to have your loved one who loves Gucci or Branded item, curated one customized for her too! In Aurora Italia, they have the cutes bags and font for you to design your one and only special design for your loved ones!

My favorite bracelet is this Under the Sea theme! It was curated with some of their blue color charms and seahorse too. I love sea and beaches so much and when I saw this theme I immediately fall in love with it. Gold and Blue color is such a pretty color combination.

Isn't it looks so gorgeous when I wear it? If you feel that gold looks kinda old and mature looking, but at Aurora Italia when you browse through their collection. All their gold charms and even the bracelet are way too elegant and gorgeous to ignore. Adding some colors with the gold charms, it actually gives it a modern and young vibes accessories!

There are 3 different design of the bracelet from Aurora Italia that you can choose and purchase. The first 2 kind bracelet is also made of 18K gold. This picture above is designed in chain design.

This design is one of their signature design, where it was designed like a bangle and the bracelet of this is more sturdy and classy looking!

If you feel that wearing gold bracelet is too old fashion! You can get also try out their leather bracelet too, it comes in 2 colors with one is pink and black. Isn't it the perfect color for couples! Get the black color for your boyfriend/husband, and the pink one for your girlfriend/wife. Since it was not made from gold, the price of this bracelet is pretty affordable too.

All their charms and gold bracelet is made of 18K gold. Comes in fusing refined workmanship and sophisticated designs, it portraits the embodiment of ultimate elegance, comfort, and dazzling style.

Not only they have a range of specially designed bracelet and charms for you to purchase. But also you can have your own personalized custom charm to compliment and bring out your unique personality! Not only that you can also curate one and only special bracelet for your loved one too!

I will be showing you guys some of my favorites charms from Aurora Italia Collection. Looking at their design. I major love their workmanship for each of the charms, each of the charms has their own characteristic that you will definitely love it!

3D Butterfly Charms.

Little Bee Charm

Beautiful Crown Charms

Can you guys just see how pretty each of the design and how delicate each of the charm design and craft.

Numbers and Font charms.

Beads Charms.

Christmas Collection Charms.

Travel Charms.

Love this super cute pink charm!!

Aurora Italia Membership card!

You get this Special Edition Privilege Card FREE Aurora Italia 999.9 Gold Bar when you purchase RM 3000 Aurora Jewelry. This is a real mini gold bar where you can keep and invest for!

Aurora Italia now is only located in Penang and KL for now. If you wish to get their jewelry, you can visit their website at http://www.auroraitalia.net/ to scroll and check out their charms collection.

Don't forget to check out their New Valentines Charms collection now! They are releasing their new silver range collection for this Valentines too.

Aurora Italia using Fedex to deliver their product, so you don't worry about the shipping and your parcel.

Just easily measure your wrist nicely and choose your size accordingly after you measure. Later you can just sit back, relax, and wait for your parcel to reach your doorstep!

So, what are you waiting for? Remember to get one for yours and your love one from Aurora Italia for this coming Valentines. A special month for giving something for your love one.

Aurora Italia
Gurney Plaza
170-G-K13, Plaza Gurney, 
Persiaran Gurney, 
10250 Georgetown, Penang.

Queensbay Mall
GF-K6 (Postal No.SF-126), Ground Floor, 
Queensbay Mall, Persiaran Bayan Indah, 
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.

Kuala Lumpur
Mid Valley Megamall
GK 03&04, Mid Valley City, 
58000 Kuala Lumpur.

For more details

Contact: 011 – 10553750
Email: enquiry@auroraitalia.net

Till Then.

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