Sometimes I don’t always blog about all the outfits that I wear, but I think it is good to record down as memories and nice to look back on. This year Valentine's at Kluang is also something I think is worth recording because we hardly make it here 😉This year Valentine's clashes with Chinese New Year.
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My husband decided to drive down to Kluang this year Chinese New Year because it’s also been a while since we visited there. Most of his friends are there also, so it’s a good time to meet up with them as well. But this trip he didn’t seem to be happy, and we decided to back to KL earlier after staying in Kluang for a day.

We were slightly late because we had a quick catchup with his friends and we also go take the flower bouquet before we headed here. The restaurant is very empty and only opened bookings for us. They have a Valentine's dinner set, but we don’t think is necessary, and quite expensive. Instead, we just opt for Ala Carte lunch, and enjoy some couple moments together.

Took so many same photos at the same corner when we reached the restaurant that he booked. 

I'm quite touched by the gesture by my husband. I did request him to get me a rose bouquet, I didn't expect he would really manage to get although we are here in Kluang. I appreciated his effort and love for this!

We asked the worker there to help us to take photos!

This drink that I order looks really fancy! And comes in a huge glass cup that I can't finish. While sipping the drink, the drink from the glass bottle will keep filling up the glass again.

 The lamb shank I ordered was disappointing because the meat was tough and didn't taste fresh. But thanks to my husband who patiently helped me slice up the lamb shank, I was able to finish up the meat.

This Iberico Pork Meat is super delicious! It is my first time trying such a unique and fresh texture of pork meat. I'm glad that we ordered this at least we have some yummy dishes that we can enjoy.

I stumbled upon this amazing dessert shop nearby. I was eager to try Duri Coco - their durian and coconut desserts and was pleasantly surprised to find out that the shop was just a few stores down from the restaurant we visited. This area is a hub for great cafes and restaurants. However, the area can be quite busy and parking can be an issue.

Can't stay away from purple fit! Especially when we have any special occasion I always tend to choose my favorite purple color. This purple checker set fit I bought last year in December, which I already plan to wear for Valentine's Day.  I never had a purple checker's outfit before, and when I saw Memories IG shop come out with this, I immediately thought to bring this set home and it definitely looks cute and pretty!

To complete this look, I bring my purple micro cos quilted bag. This is my first time bringing this bag out ever since I bought it. It is small but it can fit my belongings and I also tag along the nano cos quilted bag. The nano bag is fake but I didn't bother much and just feel it is very cute as an accessory for my purple micro cos quilted bag. It barely fit anything, except airpods and lipsticks, etc.

That's all about my purple checkered fit for my Valentine's celebration this year.

Outfit Details
Checkered Purple Set Outfit |
Bag | COS Store
Shoes | Shopee

Thyme & Time - Bar + Kitchen
54, Jalan Duku, Kampung Masjid Lama, 86000 Kluang, Johor

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