Time to share my Valentines looks and celebration. Valentines has been special for me since I have been proposed on that day. Although we are not the kind fancy couples who always think of big celebration on a special occasion, but able to be with each other has been a great blessing to me. For this year Valentines, I opt for my favorite purple color for this celebration. I love love the color combo for today look too! Read more to see the full look of my Valentines look.

For today eye look, I am wearing the new contact lenses from Barbie eyesland.my. I really like to wear lavender or any purple lenses.  I look really different too when I put on contact lenses especially those color contact lenses. Even though I am wearing purple contact lens, I also apply purple eyeshadow and eyeliner too. Overall I am really happy and satisfied with today eye look!

This is the complete look that I create for my Valentines look.  Since my eye focus is really purple, for my blusher I use color PW39 which gives a purple-red tone to my cheek. For my lips, I apply the duotone dolly grape color too.

My theme for Valentines will be all purplish look which is my favorite color!

Products on Face

Eyeshadow | She and MLP from Colourpop
Blusher | Canmake
Lips | Laneige duo-tone Lip

Since 14th February is on the weekdays, we decided to celebrate earlier on the weekend. Nothing really fancy or special to go, we went to Marmalade for our lunch. Their food menu serving is really unique and we enjoyed much our lunch together. Pretty sad that due to a birthday celebration on the cafe itself, I didn't have many chances to take photos inside the cafe.

For the next cafe, we visit a DEW a new cafe which serves really beautiful desserts and inside they have marble tables too! But due to is full-house, we have to visit another cafe which is just beside the cafe!

For today outfit, I have been wearing this new skirt I bought from Taobao. I didn't think of getting it actually but somehow I feel like I don't own a purple dress or skirt so impulsively I bought this along. The material is pretty thick since it was made form fannel but it fits me just alright despite it was a pencil skirt which I don't always wear.

It has pretty two stripes attach along the skirt, I wear a ruffles sleeve white top to match with my skirt. Oh ya, I need to mention that the checkers of the skirt is definitely so pretty! Dark and Light purples checkers print. I don't think I could have found this in anywhere.

Outfit Details 

Top | Own Closet 
Skirt | Taobao
Heels | Charles & Keith

For accessories part, I wear simple silver accessories such as the pair of hook earrings and e-suen four clover charm necklace. Just to keep my accessories as simple as possible.

For dinner, we visit Pavilion for a seafood feast and also visited their Chinese New Year decoration too. I love all the hanging flowers decoration for this year CNY.

So here I am at Nice Catch for a sumptuous seafood dinner, they still have their buy 1 free 1 for the King Crab serving! Which we totally digging into it because it was so fresh and yummy too. We also save the Free serving for next time when we visit again. I guess for every special occasion I will always opt for seafood simply because I love seafood so much! 

End this post with a photo of us together with our dinner. It's been a wonderful 6th year's Valentine's celebration with my love. I am really grateful and thankful for all the love receives from you, my love. Although there's time we shout and argue with each other, there is also time we forgive and love each other so much. You have been a great support and partner despite our differences in families, life and commitment, you will always be the one which supported me in whatever I do in my life. 

We are going to be husband and wife for 1 year time, it's been a journey that I never would think of getting married with someone I love and love me as much as he did. I know that I never am a great person and achieve much more than I ever imagine without you by my side. I am glad that we choose to stick with each other until the end. Despite the challenges we have to go through, I thankful to God that we are still together in love.

Happy 6th Valentines my love!


Till Then.

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  1. Happy Valentine's to you and your love! Am super loving with the eyeliner and your eyeshadows! Nailed it girl!

  2. U look beautiful and i love purple colour too! Congrats to you both on your 6th! Such a lovely evening with those yummyliciois looking food and all hehee ❤️

  3. Aww! 6th valentines together, stay sweet! Congrats on 1 year as well! Love how you did your makeup.

  4. Happy belated Valentine's Day. For a while, I thought it's still Feb now. You were really on point with your purple theme. Not overwhelming with the colour but the eyes were very striking!